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DismalGC3 (dismalgc3) wrote,
@ 2004-10-02 23:23:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:new Eminem song on KISS 108 (Lose It... I think)

    lol... I think I forgot about Blurty... but not completely. :-*
    School'z going really good... passed all my tests...met some new friendz... and now the *new* kidz start this Monday which meanz my class movez over to the 100+ hour class room. woot. 8-) wicked rad.

    Chris and I are doing really good. :-)

    I finally got a new comforter for my bed... it'z black so it goez with my room. :-p... and we put the mattress on the top bunk and put the bed that waz in the purple room into the black room... so now thatz a full bedroom and the purple room iz back 2 the hangout/music room. It lookz sooooooooo much better. Less clutter now too. :-)

    Me and Kristen are gonna be the Mario Bros. for Halloween... that'z gonna be really fun. Kelly and Ashley are gonna be slutz... and we're all going 2gether... which iz gonna be kinda interesting... but so fun...

    oh yea... I'm now a fairy I gess bc according to Chris, when I say "listen" I sound like the fairy from Zelda... so I'm a fairy now... I kno... he'z weird...

    Ashley did twistiez in my hair and it lookz hott.

    New season of DeGrassi aired last night... gonna be madd intense... can't wait 4 next week'z episode...

    Anywayz... my boobz hurt and the new Eminem song iz really dumb... I'm going 2 bed now... GoodNight.

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2004-10-02 23:39 (link)
fun... interesting..... yay...... woot woot....... and if u are that fairy go u!..... if chris gets in a fight all u have to do is "target" whoeva he is fighting and he will NEVER miss with his bow and arrow or slingshot.. or hell even if he wanted to throw nuts he could do that!..... yea my boobz hurt to...... i think im pregnant....... or just fat...... idk yet but im gonna keep eating neways
-tom :)

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