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erdengel (erdengel) wrote in discworld,
@ 2004-11-19 08:05:00
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    the wee free men
    for the first time in a very long time, i have managed to read a new pterry book, and was fortunate enough for it to be the wee free men

    it is one of the funniest pterry books i have read in a while. the last couple all had a far more serious tone to them, with only a couple of funny bits.

    with wee free men i laughed on almost every page.

    of course, it does well as a free standing book, but i think there are great advantages to having read both 'lords and ladies' and 'carpe jugulum' before hand.
    and of course, it has chapters, which tells you it was intended for younger readers.

    the story revolves around young tiffany aching, who makes damn good cheese, and happens to be the grand-daughter of a different kind of witch. a chalk witch. it is about young tiffany's journey of realisation that her grandmother was a different person to who she thought she was, and the beginning of her journey on the path of witchcraft.

    tiffany has to rescue her baby brother from the 'quin', with the help of the nac mac feegle, and in the process becomes their temporary kelda (remember big aggie from 'carpe jugulum'?) and saves both the baron's son and the entire chalk from Her (remember Her from 'lords and ladies'? she's back, but without the king this time).

    of course, no witches book would be entirely complete without an appearance by our favourites, nanny ogg and granny (or mistress, as she calls herself in this book) weatherwax.

    while reading this book, i could not help but feel this was a reworking of some of the themes in lords and ladies, just simplified for younger readers. tiffany thinks very similarly to granny weatherwax, especially when it comes to combatting evil.
    i was also a bit confused about the time-line, and could not figure out if this took place before or after 'lords and ladies'. reading the annotated file in the l-space did help out there.
    that said, it does not take the enjoyment out of the book.

    i borrowed this book from a friend, but have decided that i will go and buy it, so i can read it to my daughter.

    on to monstrous regiment i go.

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