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DirtiAmiBooti (dirtiamibooti) wrote,
@ 2003-06-09 00:38:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    Yay for my best friends, Zack and Leo, and the sunshine!!
    Jamie, Steph and I bathed in the sun and swam in my pool all day.. I'm SOOOO extremely fuckin burnt lol. Not enough to blister I don't think. Later on Walker, Doug, Zack, and Leo came over! I haven't seen Zack and Leo for a long ass time... they make me laugh SOOOOOOOOOOOO hard. I love those guys! They are a year younger than me.. we hung out all the time last year and they always drove me around lol. I was in the best mood.. being really obnoxious at Eat n Park. Yay I forgot how much fun they are.. Zack said a few nights ago he wants to hang w/ me this summer and Leo is coming w/ us to Kennywood tomorrow :-D :-D I'm working 9-3 (first real day) then I'll meet Leo and we'll head downtown for some major rollercoaster action WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!

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2003-06-09 18:56 (link)
5 Words for you: Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel (it'll work wonders for your sun burn).
You and 'Jannika' make me laugh- always talking about Eat N Park.....we don't have that here, but I'm guessing it's like Sonic.....

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2003-06-10 01:49 (link)
LOL yeah it's just a restaurant that's open 24 hours a day.. lol Thanks I'm gonna have to get me some of that aloe vera!!

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2003-06-10 00:58 (link)
yay for the boys :-)

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