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Amba (diizzyupthegirl) wrote,
@ 2003-11-27 20:08:00
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    Current mood: bouncy

    poor thanksgiving, people just skip over it and start thinking about christmas :). oy i love christmas, i looove the music and everything! im so excited!!!eee!

    so, im waiting up for my cousins to get here, which is going to be around...11:00ish..damn i have a while. hopefully my pleathera(spelled right?idk but WOW i said a good kinda big word) of movies..wait wait wait. CHRISTMAS movies, will keep me awake. im watching home alone 2 right now. BEST MOVIE EVER.

    SO on thanksgiving today
    we went to my aunt's husband's families celebration. BUNCH of crazy, fun, respectable red necks. it was great. so they have this electric fence outside, and its not really high voltage, but we made a train of people connecting to it, and we were getting shocked and all that great stuff...
    i told you , their a red neck family and the silliest family too. :) i love it.
    and i wont even go into full depth of how CRAZY my family really is...

    anywho! bout time i started writing in this thing, ... ive just been so preoccupied i haven't been online in a while either! but im going to go pay more attention to my lovely movie(s)~ lots of love sent to you ~ and i hope you all had a GREAT thanksgiving! *muahs*

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