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digitizing (digitizing) wrote,
@ 2012-05-24 09:06:00
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    "Not only the elite rich and powerful people who want to experience the quality and taste Yang
    business signs

    "Not only the elite rich and powerful people who want to experience the quality and taste Yang, I have to let China off the contemporary dress up my suit." Gui-Lian Li is also the wish of many years. At present, the creation Yang million a year to produce 1500 sets of suits, all suits are handmade. However, the present garment export enterprises amounted to 85% of the total sales, while sales of own brands is 15%. Gui-Lian Li said, to develop the century enterprise, we must strengthen their own original brand.vector artwork

    Businesses will seize this opportunity to promote the international market at the same time, the first creation, Kai Mun, Yousoku three brands in the country to promote the opening, which requires not only the adjustment of the enterprises themselves, need community attention and support. From "China" into "Made in China" Dayang Group demonstrate a confidence and attitude of people in China re-flushed the impression.Why e-commerce apparel garment favored by more and more? The answer is very clear already, many apparel companies have already benefited a lot through the clothing e-commerce. Some even promise to the future, if you are not involved in e-commerce, you will be out of the market. So in the end use of clothing apparel e-commerce companies have been paid anything at all? How they are running it? First of all, we have to re-turn to the five on the role of e-commerce: 1. embroidery digitizing

    Traditional e-commerce business processes electronic, digital, on one hand instead of the actual logistics of electronic Liu, a reduction in manpower, material resources, reduce costs; on the other hand break the restrictions of time and space, making trading activities in any time, any place, thereby greatly increasing efficiency. 2. E-commerce has the openness and global features for enterprises to create more trade opportunities. 3. E-commerce enables businesses to cost close to enter the global electronic market, making SMEs and large enterprises may have the same information resources, improve the competitiveness of SMEs.embroidery designs

    4. E-commerce has redefined the traditional distribution model, reduction of intermediate links, making producers and consumers directly deal possible, which to some extent, changed the economy operates. 5. E-commerce on the one hand breaking the barriers of time and space, on the other hand, provide a wealth of information resources for various socio-economic elements of reorganization provides a more likely, this will affect the social and economic layout and structure.

    Through understanding of the role of e-commerce five, we can easily see, be applied to the apparel industry will bring much clothing business. Apparel e-commerce has entered the mainstream in 2008, 2009, if you do not use clothing e-commerce, that you are not falling behind it? With the development of online shopping has greatly promoted the development of electronic commerce. E-commerce, undoubtedly will become the mainstream apparel industry in 2009 topics.

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