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digitizing (digitizing) wrote,
@ 2012-05-23 08:38:00
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    VLMW711T3U2US can move 350mA high current drive
    LED signs

    ASMT-Jx3x provides wide viewing angle of 165o to meet the need for good lighting applications, consistency of color and light output needs of design engineers. In the design, ASMT-Jx3x is a can handle high temperatures and high drive current, high-performance LED, can withstand the maximum junction temperature of up to 16kV 135oC of the ESD, so it is not susceptible to electrostatic discharge interference, so the installation does not require special ESD protection. In addition ASMT-Jx3x products compatible with standard surface mount reflow process, not only reduces design costs, but also that application of lighting design engineers with greater design freedom and flexibility.embroidery digitizing

    Recently, Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. Introduced by AEC-Q101 automotive qualification of 1W of White LED - VLMW711T3U2US. A product that has a very high brightness and compact package outline, expanding the power LED SMD Little Star Series family lineup. VLMW711T3U2US LED using InGaN technology, with 10K / W in low thermal resistance and high luminous intensity, can be used for a variety of applications. Photo Source: Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. VLMW711T3U2US SMD power package with a footprint area of 6.0x6.0mm, thickness of only 1.5mm. Vishay new Little Star LED is the most durable, light-efficient products. LED Writing Board

    VLMW711T3U2US can move 350mA high current drive, with up to 25,000 mcd typical luminous intensity. Luminous efficiency of the device 60lm / W, typical luminous flux 80lm ~ 85lm. Vishay which new LED for general lighting, consumer products and general purpose applications requiring high flux has been optimized, and can replace conventional incandescent lamps. Typical end products include street lighting, architectural lighting, indoor lights and outdoor lights and general lighting, automotive applications, including daytime running lights, interior lighting, fog lamps and mirrors lighting, and home appliances and portable electronic devices. VLMW711T3U2US half-intensity angle is 60 , viewing angle of 120 , compatible with IR reflow soldering process. LED by the AEC-Q101 automotive qualification, in line with RoHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC. Little Star LED according to JEDEC moisture sensitivity Level 2a standards, the pretreatment, the package is lead-free and meet RoHS directive. The device can withstand up to 2kV ESD, in line with JESD22-A114-B standard.LED Message Board

    ANADIGICS, Inc announced, LG Electronics (LG Electronics) for Europe, Asia and Central and South America market new ARENA (KM900) touch screen multimedia mobile phone use AWT6224, AWT6321 and AWT6222 3G dual-band power amplifier (PA) module. LG KM900 ARENA 262 with 3-inch color touch screen. It supports tri-band GSM and 3G, can be connected Wi-Fi and G, also supports Bluetooth and U. Department, said the company's RF products, ANADIGICS has a LG Electronics RF front-end solutions supplier of long-term strategy. ANADIGICS combination of rich, high-performance 3G power amplifier, allows original equipment manufacturers for the global launch of a number of different versions of operator new platform.

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