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Rafi (digitalsnot) wrote,
@ 2003-12-21 23:37:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Fear Factory

    Fun Fun Fun....
    Practice today was interesting. After we were done playing, we kicked a ball around the garage aimlessly. We weren't aiming for anyone or anything. We just booted it as hard as we could and watched to see where it bounced or what it hit. We ended up not breaking anything, but Tim's mom came down and asked what was going on which was really funny. The moment she opened the door, Tim (our drummer) put the ball behind his back and we all stared at his mom with an innocent smile, halos and all. It was almost as funny as when Tim threw me through the ceiling. His mom ran downstairs and was like "What happened?!", as I'm bleeding on the floor. While we were taping it, she stared right in the camera and said "No more throwing people through the ceiling." It was sooooo funny.....yet soooo painful. I think I had a concussion and I cut my hand alittle bit....but it was definitely worth the humor. That's all for today!

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2003-12-22 01:14 (link)
hahahahahahahaah! you got thrown through the ceiling?! HAHAH. That's so great!

"No more throwing people through the ceiling." :o)

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Heya ^.~
2003-12-28 02:23 (link)
Merry Christmas, even if it is a few days after.... hope you had a good one...

And no, I don't know you
And no,
it doesn't matter

Love Always

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