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Digiboy's (digiboys) wrote,
@ 2003-12-16 21:43:00
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    Current mood:blah
    Current music:Harry Belafonte-Jump in the line(shake shake shake)

    this is what happened
    Well what happened today?...well i'll tell u, cause only i can. Today, i rushed to get to school, i was running late for some odd reason because i think i took to long in the shower, but anywho, i got to school and met up with jessica*drools* and we exchanged gifts(she got me ferris beulers day off YES!) which is like one of the greatest movies of all time ever amen! So i got to first period and listened to a girl cuss some guy out and it was pretty funny and no one likes the guy cause he's a fat ass and is really annoying....and the teacher didn't do anything. Why u might ask? Well i can tell u....because he is a canadian jackass and has the brain capacity of a wet mouse...yes...a wet mouse. I don't like him very much because he can't teach(maybe it's because he's 24) but i don't know....Well i got to second period and my teacher was not there and we had a sub (woo hoo) so me,amanda,alissa,brannon,andy,teniquia,holly,jennifer,donald, and eddie all got to hang out and talk and do nothing because we all exempted our exam and we had nothing to do, and half the class wasn't there anyway. So after that i went to lunch, where the hamburger was not that good! when usually it is! So after that i went to third period where i am a mentor for the freshman(cause i'm a senior) at my school and my three other mentors where not there so i was alllllllllllllll alone.......but it was ok because the lil freshman got to go eat popcorn and ice cream like good lil lab rats!...and i sat and watched them stuff their faces and laugh about petty things that made me go "ick" we went back to class and i got to go to sleep which was much after third, i jumped in my truck, cranked the radio with linkin park and jotted down the road home because i don't have a fourth period class......i came home.....and went down the road to skate.....nothing unusual. The only thing unusual was how well the weather felt that was today.....and then their will be drama tommorrow...hopefully something that will make the day more enjoyable!

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