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Nicole (diggndraco) wrote,
@ 2003-03-28 20:42:00
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    TGIF!!!! Woo, It is finally Friday. We did this dumb sig thing today in English. Of course, my group got teamed up with "Heroldo" and her group. Barf. I have a test in AP US History today. I was talking to Kasie after school and she told me that it wasn't hard, and she didn't even study. I am not too worried about it since it is multiple choice. Also Raquel, Ashley, and my DBQ project is due today. I just printed it a minute ago.

    I heard I go into the library in art history, but then again last time I had 6th period we had to go into the gym to see the second part of the demonstration, which, in my opinion was very moving. Personally, I know I will never drink and drive, but you have to realize that while you can control what you do, you can't always control others. Someone out there can change your life by making the decision to drink and drive. It was a wake up call. Also, it isn't all about your self, but others. Maybe it won't happen to you, but it could to someone you know. We all know what it is like to lose someone, related to drinking and driving or not, and it is really hard. Now this is something people can prevent, and it pisses me off the people still do it while knowing the risks.

    On a lighter note, there is two weeks till spring break. Yay!! I have figured out which classes I have the day before break, and I am just going to CART that day. I have an art history test that day and an essay due, and I'd rather not go. That way I will have extra time to write the essay. But, I will end up doing it on Tuesday after we come back. I am not looking forward to getting my wisdom teeth out. I haven't had any dental work before other than braces, so the thought of having my gums cut open and teeth being pulled out doesn't sound too appealing, not that it would to anyone.

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