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|[ erika ]| (diemoreandmore) wrote,
@ 2003-02-15 10:54:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Motely Crue - Kickstart my heart

    I think my left ear is going deaf! I need emergency treatment! OI! Paul missed TMNT this morning, well so did I... we thought it was at 10:30, but it was at 9:30 T_T

    I think I'll go take a shower and then fuck up one of my shirts. RAH!

    Because I don't think I've ever filled one of these out on my blurty or ujournal.... All about mwah

    [ Name ]: Erika
    [ Born in ]: Columbia, SC
    [ Resides in ]: Texas
    [ Good student? ]: Teachers think Im great, a prodegy, it because I don't talk... still I don't make any effort to do things, so I guess no
    [ Eyes ]: brownish green
    [ Hair ]: dark brown
    [ Shoe size ]: er? 7 1/2? I dont know.

    Last time you..
    [ Had a nightmare ]: 2 night ago
    [ Said "I love you" and meant it ]: yesterday
    [ Ate at McDonald's ]: a few months ago
    [ Dyed your hair ]: During Christmas break
    [ Brushed your hair ]: last night
    [ Washed your hair ]: day before yesterday (about to head that way when Im done with this)
    [ Cried ]: Not last night (surprisingly, but maybe a week ago)
    [ Called someone ]: Last weekend I called Boot, I think I'll call her in a little while again
    [ Smiled ]: this morning
    [ Laughed ]: last night

    [Do You...]
    [ Sleep with stuffed animals? ]: sometimes,when they fall off their thing
    [ Have a dream that keeps coming back? ]: Not at the moment, but I have
    [ Play an instrument? ]: sortta play the bass, sometimes, but not passionatley
    [ Believe there is life on other planets? ]: I hope so
    [ Remember your first love? ]: haha, yes of course, I see him evey day
    [ Read the newspaper? ]: No
    [ Consider love a mistake? ]: depends on the person, and how they change you (for the better or make you worse)
    [ Like the taste of alcohol? ]: Its allright
    [ Believe in God? ]: Some kind, not how the bible makes it though. I'm more of a hippy who beieves in the world around us (gaia?! shmeek!) and the force of life flow and mood vibrations
    [ Pray? ]: sometimes
    [ Go to church? ]: No
    [ Have any secrets? ]: plenty
    [ Have any pets ]: Ok, heres the long list. 11 cats (I think?), 4 dogs, 1 hedgehog, 1 turtle(shes pauls really), 5 horses, 6 cows and 2 duckies
    [ Talk to strangers who instant message you]: Yeah
    [ Wear hats? ]: No, but I've been thinking about starting, I just have to get some
    [ Have any piercings? ]: none, which will change soon in the future I hope (by summer)
    [ Have any tattoos? ]: not yet, but maybe by the end of the weekend I will?
    [ Hate yourself? ]: I have my moments when Im disappointed in myself and dont like myself
    [ Have an obsession? ]: mmhmmm
    [ Have a secret crush? ]: haha, yeah but not on anyone whos REAL
    [ Collect anything? ]: yeah! RE action figures, Wall scrolls, Anime, stuffy animals....
    [ Like your handwriting? ]: Nah
    [ Have any bad habits? ]: yup. though I cant think of any right off
    [ Care about looks? ]: to a very tiny extent. In a bf I dont want someone whos 700 lbs, and 5'2. I just couldnt find that attractive, but I could as a friend. I dont care how my friends look, I dont have to surround myself by beautiful people, in fact I usually rather not
    [ Boy/girlfriend's looks? ]: oh, uh already answered that
    [ Friends and other people? ]: not one bit!
    [ Believe in witches? ]: No, but I wish there were witches, spells and magic would make life so much more worth living
    [ Believe in Satan? ]: I believe in something that represents absolute evil
    [ Believe in ghosts? ]: ::thinks about fatal frame:: oh yes ::shivers::

    [ Dress ]: tank top and skyblue boxer shorts with zebras on them. >_< (my PJs)
    [ Mood ]: ready!
    [ Make-up ]: I just woke up
    [ Music ]: Twisted Sister - COme on Feel the Noize
    [ Taste ]: Mountain Due
    [ Hair ]: bedhair?
    [ Annoyance ]: nothing right now! I feelll goooooooooood!
    [ Smell ]: hm, just the smell of the house
    [ Thought ]: I need to finish Ships of Earth
    [ Book ]: haha, Ships of Earth
    [ Fingernail Color ]: colorless, maybe Ill fix that
    [ Refreshment ]: Mountain Due
    [ Worry ]: I hope my parents let me take the car to Booties today
    [ Favorite Celebrity ]: BOOT! shes the greatest keyboardist! Molly ringworm and the somthings!! SKMEH!

    Last Person:
    [ You Touched ]: my mom
    [ You Talked to ]: my dad
    [ You Hugged ]: paully
    [ You Instant messaged ]: Boot
    [ You Yelled At ] : cant remember
    [ Who broke Your Heart ]: doesn't matter (actually I cant remember) in my present state my heart is fully as if should be!
    [ Kissed ]: Paul *^___^*

    Who do you want to:
    [ Kill ]: sometimes the people at school
    [ Slap ]: no one
    [ Tickle ]: meheh, Paul!
    [ Talk To ]: Boot
    [ Have Sex with ]: no one for a while.
    [ Kiss ]: I'd go for kissing Paul, but I think he probably has stink breath and I know I do!

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2003-02-15 23:01 (link)
TMNT!!! One of the movies? If so, well, those things were great. Or do you mean the series? Because I wanna know when and where it comes on!!! =D =D

And you really gotta get that ear of yours checked out, girl.

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2003-02-16 10:01 (link)
Yeah the series!! Its on FOX at 9:30 central, Saturday morning.

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