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No one's home (diediedied) wrote,
@ 2004-04-01 17:16:00
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    Current mood: frustrated

    Because you think silence will keep you safe...
    So, without warning, everyone shuts each other off. It's a sorry attempt to protect themselves, under the guise of helping their friends be better off w/o them.

    That's bullshit.

    So your friends are ignored, brushed aside like so much shit. The friendships that have taken years to develop? They start to deteriorate in less than 24 hours.

    But even in all your efforts to push us away... I hope you know we're never truly gone. You can block your friends, keep us out, ignore us entirely, but you can't turn us away. If you ever need us, we'll be there, ready to help. It's what friends do.

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2004-04-04 20:23 (link)
i'll keep that in mind

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Re: ha
2004-04-05 13:03 (link)
hmmm... that 'ha' makes me nervous... but ok. whatever makes you happy. See, we (heart) you!

after rereading what I wrote before... the first thought that comes to mind after reading the "they start to deteriorate in less than 24 hours" was 7-11...yea, I think that may be my subconcious saying sth about the food? w/e.. sorry...this is how bored I am....

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Re: ha
2004-04-06 09:58 (link)
I need to get you the notebook back... and we need to go to south street... even if Margo can't make it... I still think we could have fun... :-D

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Re: ha
2004-04-06 20:02 (link)
lol, yea totally. I've been in Philly like 3 times this week... just because it's closer than wilmington just for sth to do to get out of the house. I'm trying to think of when we could do this... Friday maybe... hmmm. That would probably be weather dependent, but if my mom and I could meet you and Margo (if she can make it) halfway between here and where you are....the CVS on route 1 by 322 is where my parents usually meet halfway (you know, the one by the new borders)... we could prpbably do it. IDK, I know probably none of that makes sense... I'll talk to my mom and if we can pull sth together I'll give you a call... try to catch you online too.
If we were to do that we'd meet you at the CVS at about 11:15... my mom would have her grey minivan, so that's what you'd look for. We'd be home before dinner and we can drop both you and margo off at home
... Wow this whole message is so garbled, sorry, I was bouncing things off my mom as I was typing it. Yea... it's like 9pm now and idk if you're mom owuld be bothered by my calling this late so I'll try to you if not tomorrow then deff thursday.


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Re: ha
2004-04-06 22:19 (link)
r u going to becca's? ... I found so many things tonight that I knew, but just didn't feel like hearing... Ah well... Margo is in NY on Friday... so yea... dunno
But I'm not doing nething all week... Dunno...
We have to go see eternal sunshine...

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Re: ha
2004-04-08 09:03 (link)
Knew but didn't feel like hearing? Uh-oh... everything ok? Stupid question...
Yea, Margo told me she is poofing... let's see what happens today (being thursday)
eternal sunshine... haven't heard of it.
Nope, couldn't make it to becca's, but I asked Margo to wish her the best for me.
Yea... I'm gonna call margo in like a half hour...don't want to call to early and wake up her fam... I was up at 6 today.

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