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Patrick (ghaleon) wrote in diablogamers,
@ 2003-10-17 17:27:00
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    1.10s Necro
    Like I said, I had to post a brag about my newly built 1.10s Necro. I've made him into yet another spellcasting golemancer, but with the incredible emphasis laid on the power of bone and poison synergies, I've decided to make him a primary spellcaster. I'll record below his skills with an intended max level next to them, and some damage information.

    His stats listed are for Nightmare difficulty, by the way. The weapons and armor not moused over are listed here.

    Weapon 1 - Static Yew Wand: +1-119 Lightning dmg, +3 Bone Spear, +1 Poison Explosion, +50% dmg undead.

    Helmet - Trainer's Circlet of Luck: +1 to Summoning Skills (Druid Only), 32% MF.

    Amulet - Amulet of Wizardry: +20 EN.

    Ring 1 - Plague Knot (rare ring): +16 AR, +9 EN, 10% Cold resist, +11% Fire resist, +1 Mana per kill, +1 Light radius.

    Ring 2 - Eagle Circle (rare ring): +12 AR, +4 Regen, +21% Lightning resist, Magic damage reduced by 2.

    Belt - Plague Cord (rare demonhide sash): +17% ED, +18% Cold resist, +3 dmg to attacker, +75% gold.

    Boots - Vidala's Fetlock (set light plated boots): +30% faster run/walk, +150 max stamina.

    Shield 1 - Unraveller Head: +5-14 poison dmg over 3 seconds, +3 Bone Spear, +1 Iron Maiden, +2 Corpse Explosion.

    Shield 2 - Storm Rock (rare demon head): +15% faster block, +10% blocking, +5-14 poison dmg over 3 seconds, +17% ED, +2 str, +24% Cold resist, +24% Lightning resist.

    Charms - Total value: +20% Lightning resist, +13% Cold Resist, +5% other resists, +28 defense, +22% gold, +7-10 fire damage.

    I have a lv. 36 Rogue hireling who does between 46 and 218 damage.

    My skills are as follows (the number of points will be listed as follows: a/b/c, where points I put in are a, points I have now including items are b, and total points I intend to put in are c). Since I use my second set only for golem summoning, I'll use those skill levels for my summoning tree:

    Curses: Amplify Damage (1/1/1), Iron Maiden (6/7/10)

    Summoning: Clay Golem (1/2/1), Golem Mastery (2/3/10), Summon Resist (1/2/3), Blood Golem (1/3/1), Iron Golem (1/2/2), Fire Golem (1/2/10)

    Poison and Bone Skills: Teeth (10/10/20), Corpse Explosion (1/3/1), Poison Explosion (0/1/0), Bone Spear (14/20/20), Bone Spirit (1/1/20)

    My primary offensive spells are the Bone spells. Teeth currently shoots out 11 projectiles at 35-45 damage each. Bone Spear does 339-361 damage per cast. Bone Spirit does 48-73 damage. My Iron Maiden returns 350% damage to the attacker.

    My Fire Golem has 1011 life, 215 AR, and 195 def. It absorbs 45% of fire damage, does 34-76 fire damage, plus 5-7 Holy Fire damage, and costs 60 Mana to summon.

    Uniques I've found are: Chain Gloves (Chance Guards), Scythe (Soul Harvest), and Mace (Crushflange).

    That was exhaustive, but when I post a new brag, I tend to be pretty detailed.

    Edit - since writing this, I traded my Amulet of Wizardry for a Fungal Ammy, so I lost 40 mana, but gained 1 skill point to all poison and bone skills. Bone Spear now does 361-384 dmg.

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