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Devon Knight (devon_knight) wrote,
@ 2003-06-02 16:31:00
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    Current mood:anxious
    Current music:GC // riot girl

    I'll wish my bloody hands
    ::Smirks to himself as he sits down on his bed, typing away at his lap top. He sits indian style and plays with the siera mist bottle sitting between his legs. His fingers glad over the keyboard before he begins to type::

    I just got home. Well, not just..I've been here for a little while. I was in New York with Gina. But i got a phone call from my mother, telling me that my bestfriend Charity is back at Dover. ::smiles to him and shakes his head in disbelief:: I know it was wrong of me to leave Gina up there, but Charity and i have history together. So I decided to catch a flight back here. I Couldnt wait to see her, so i ran over to where she's staying to see her. I really hope she gets excepted into Dover. THat'll be the best. I just wish she brought my neice with her. Well-- Her daughter. She's not my niece but she shoulde be. I've always told charity she shouldnt be having anyones baby but mine. ::smirks, knowing he'll be beat up for that comment later:: Anyways, i'll get off that subject, it's a touchy one.

    ::He clears his throat, and pauses from typing to twist the cap of his soda open. He brings the bottle to his lips and tilts it slowly, letting the cold liquid sneak thru his dry lips::

    Yeah. I'm gonna go. I feel like talking to Charity. I just need to find her.


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2003-06-02 16:53 (link)
I feel terrible for pulling you away from Gina. You didn't have to come here so fast.

I'm not going anywhere.

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2003-06-02 16:58 (link)
Gina's my girl. she understands that you and i have had some past together. It's all good..:smiles::

and you better not leave me. i'll be sad.

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2003-06-02 20:41 (link)

If I leave you. Shoot me. K thanks.

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2003-06-02 17:27 (link)
yeah, I didn't mind, its not like we were doing anything important.

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2003-06-02 18:17 (link)
-nods- Yea I am really sorry. I just didn't want to upset anyone. -laughs- I am really worried about that kind of stuff.

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2003-06-02 18:36 (link)
awe, don't be upset at all.
Dev and I, are friends and i completely understood that he had to go to you

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2003-06-02 22:10 (link)
-She signs on and clicks write email-

It's 10:06. I can't sleep. I need you right now but you aren't answering the phone. It is dumb of me to call you because I figured you would be in bed. I just want to talk to you. Thank you for tonight. I had so much fun. Being there with you was wonderful. I want that feeling again. Please call me tomorrow so we can talk.
I miss you already.


-She re-reads it to make sure she is positive about sending it to him. She gets the courage to click send and then she signs off and rolls back into bed. It is really time to sleep now.-

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