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Devon Knight (devon_knight) wrote,
@ 2003-06-03 15:22:00
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    Current mood:cold
    Current music:FABULOUS-- Into You

    aint no tellin' what this man might do.
    Anybody feelin' freaky?

    ::laughs and shakes his head before reaching down to grab his Corona. He smiles as he brings it to his lips, sipping at it slowly. Placing it back down he smiles as he feels the liquid warm his body::

    It's pretty pathetic that it's 3:23 in the afternoon and i'm sitting here, listening to B2K & Nick Cannon and drinking alcohol. I'm a loser. But atleast i'm a sexy uber loser. ::smirks at his attempt to have an ego as he looks over to his telephone. He gets up and dials Gina's number. As she picks up, he sighs and sits back down, now balancing updating and talking::

    Anyways, I talked to Charity this morning. It was great to hear her first thing in the morning. We made plans to go out. I was gonna take her to the beach, but seeing as how the weather turned for the worst, I guess i wont. I'm sure i'll think of something sweet before i see her again. She wants me to spend the night at her house. I'm alittled worried that i just might not be able to control myself and i'll end up taking her. ::smirks and decides to take another drink. This time its a long, heavy swig. He groans as it burns going down. He begins to type again but stops as a comment Gina said turned him off to what he was going to say::

    Gina's mad at me. I know she is. She even says she is. But i asked her before i left it was alright. She told me she understood b/c Charity's been a good friend to me for many years. I feel bad leaving gina up in new york. but we werent doing anything important. ::he scoffs to himself then decides it's a bad idea to stay on that subject:: Charity thinks Gina hates her. I don't like them hating each-other because of me. It's not a turn on. I'm sure once they get to know eachother. They'll get along fine. Besides i wouldnt like them if they werent cool people.

    Charity's been sad. I dont want her sad, but i know why she is. She misses Max, her family and her daughter. I know it was a lot for her to leave behind. But maybe it's better for her to live a alittle. She's young, she needs to have a good time. She's so young to be so serious. I'm gonna show her a good time.


    ::Biting on his lower lip he presses the "update journal" button and closes out of the website. He feels a sharp pain in his stomach and he grabs at it thinking it'll go away. To his surprise it did. He reaches over to his radio and turns it up. Letting it blur his thoughts as he grabs his Corona and walks away from his computer; leaving it connected::

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2003-06-03 16:07 (link)
I'm not mad at you
or at Charity
Im not mad at anyone!

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2003-06-04 13:08 (link)
Awesome :-D

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2003-06-04 16:55 (link)

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2003-06-03 17:04 (link)
-she throws her hair off her shoulder before she begins to type, then she tilts her head to the side-

Im sorry I missed you. I wanted to talk to you, but I dont hate Gina. And yeh I am sad, but being with you makes me happy and that is all that matters.

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2003-06-04 13:09 (link)
::smiles:: Well i'm very glad that you two are better.

What are you doing tonight?

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2003-06-04 13:25 (link)

Nothing. Besides waiting for you to call me.

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2003-06-06 14:48 (link)
-She picks up the phone and dials Devon's number. She patiently waits for the phone to ring and sighs when she hears his voice mail pick up. She shakes her head in disappointment.-

Devon, I have been trying to get in touch with you for a while now. You haven't answered and I am getting worried.
We need to talk about the other night. I am very confused. Please call me. I will be home at 9. I hope you are ok and that the SARS hasn't got the best of you, because thats mine.haha. Think before you eat chinese again ok? BTW. I am in Dover now. You should be happy for me right?

-She pauses for a minute, thinking whether or not she should leave it at that. She wonders if he will call her back tonight as she hangs up the phone and goes into the living room to lay down.-

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2003-06-10 23:21 (link)
::smiles:: i love you

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2003-06-09 10:26 (link)
Hey. I just happened to find your journal link. I was curious as to know if you were interested in being friends? Just comment in my journal and let me know if you are. =) - Kim

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2003-06-10 23:20 (link)
[[ haha..'s an in fake? i'm a girl but i play a guy character? ]]

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2003-06-10 18:05 (link)
[[ -dies- WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? -cries hysterically-]]

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2003-06-10 23:19 (link)
[[ ITS CALLED WORK!., i've had alot of personal things going on. not good things. :-( i'm around tho .. ]]

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2003-06-11 13:52 (link)
[[ not work! -kills work- im sorry about your personal things... I hope you get them delt with! :-( <33333333333333333333333333333333 ]]

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