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Barbie (devilishbarbie) wrote,
@ 2004-02-07 23:21:00
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    Current mood:<3 loved up <3
    Current music:blink 182...i miss u

    this is the happiest i have been in a long long time
    well things have been going rly well. it was grreat to spend time with Sophie, Gemma and Hazel last nite..iactually managed togive sophie her crimbo prezzies! at long last. i dont rly kno if she liked em.thinks she maybe slightly too cool for em now.but ya kno...its the thought tht counts.and at least it can be added to her purple collection,lol! erm yeh the NME tour was WIKID! Franz Ferdinand seemed to go on forever. and they werent even good to look at, but i spose they started the atmosphere off well, even if itwas already buzzin.The The Von Bondies came on...we were biggin up the girlies in the band. they were good boosted us all a bit and we kinda got more into the feeling of the gig. The lead singer cam forward and i grbbed his balls, of course i wuda prefered them to be my baby's balls but beggars cant be choosers ay! ;) then The Rapture came on and we all go into it. and again i grabbed the lead vocalists balls...i just thought at tjhe end of the day tat will forever be in my memories! Then...on came Matt! *dribble* and god i screamed...and then i got pushed and kicked and stuff and i was getting rather pissed off...i just screamed my little heart out and then every now and then ask the fart security guards for water. there was a PHAT mosh pit behind us and every1 was like "that is so yr dad tht was in the middle of tht!" to be honest it was kinda cool bcoz i am glad that every1 kinda accepted tht my dad was there. my dad is cool and likes the music and appreciates it...and he likes to have a good time at gigs so it is always helpful for lifts n stuff!lol. anyway hazel got hurt and matt spoke to her and i was sooo jealous...but at least i can say "matt spoke to one of my mates!" lol.i kept screaming at him if i could have his babies and i told him and gareth to come bk to basingstoke soon.some random guy asked if i wud screw him if he asked meto. i sed no coz i have a bf that i love...but it wouldnt stop me contemplating it. then it suddenly hit me. i wud b able to turn dwn a rly rly rly rly rly rly rly rly rly rly fit guy just bcoz i am so in "lurve" i couldnt stop thinkin about martin after tht point and as soon as F4AF were off the stage i rang him. i told him about the ball grabbing and he wasnt very happy. we had a little tiff and in the car on the way home i started crying, and he phoned and i was crying on the phone tohim coz i was so scared of losing him. then we made up.c the best part of argueing is making up me thinks,lol. then me and kerrie got home.i wanted to wear my F4AF tshirt to skool but i made the mistake of wearing it last nite and so it is soaking and smelly *p-ew* so i shall wear it nxt week sumtime. maybe friday at skool coz i am soooo yeh so me and kerrie went to sleep and i had dreams and visions of martin cheating on me coz he was sleeping at this girls house and i thought ya kno *his pissed off with me...y not get with sum1 else* so from 8 in the mornign to 1.30 in the afternoon i was worrying about him coming to c me and telling me that he had indeed cheated on me. the phrase -what goes around, comes around- kept popping in my head and i worked myself up for it. itold my self tht i knew he wud. so at 1.30 i wlked out on my break and only kelly was i phoned him and he sounded rly grumpy. i thought O DEAR!!! but then he got there and i just didnt want to let go. i told him about the dream and he was rly upset tht i thought he could cheat on me. yeh i pewrsuaded him to come and c me after work. i just dont think i cud go 4 another week without seeing him. i dont think my life completely revolves around him. but i dont think i could deal with not having him,.which is rly sad but i dunno. i just click with him.we both want the same things.his not as weird as me. but he understands me at most times. i dunno i hope this one lasts a long time. yeh so guys i got a new job...i will be earning around 5 squid an hour woopppeee sum1 is finally paying barbie wots she s worth lol. *big head*anyways i have to go. ermm yeh c u all later...half term next week.

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