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Desmondus (desmondus) wrote,
@ 2004-04-28 05:42:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:I want you to want me - Cheap Trick

    Can't sleep... just.. can't.
    But of course this is becoming a trend for night time. That and I was awake all of 5 hours during the DAYLIGHT hours and during an hour of that I was stuffing myself at Cici's. Damn you cheap and mass quantity buffet!

    I'm irritated at the world, currently. The one place bsm sent his resume to about 2 different gov't jobs not only didn't call him back, but filled the positions. There's no new exciting ones either. I make him call morry, even if he's novacained up, about the typist position.
    My rash MIGHT be getting better, or it may be mutating, who knows. The pustules have dried up (that'll learn you to eat while reading MY journal) so now its just really sore. Feels like a burned bruise. Not pleasant. It may be toxic or life threatening if its the rash that is a reaction to my one med. I'll check with my therapist on Thursday.
    This weekend was decent. Had a picnic with Hugh, Rachel, BSM and Dama before going to help Dama move apartments. I grow more in my dislike of her bf. He needs bitchslapped for his pussy ways. I got a leather couch that fits beautifully in the groove abandoned by the spook bed, a digital camera, and a bathtub spa thing. Dama assures me she did not use it inappropriately. *G* We also talked about what we may sing for our audition and I reworked "Dueling Minstrels" for we female types. It could be quite.. wrong *EG* Speaking of wrong, that night I think bsm finally ruined my mattress. Probably will need a steam cleaner and febreeze to even remotely save it.
    Sunday we had dinner at Mom's then bsm worked on aunt Terri's computer for near 5 hours. We got out of there at Midnight. Oog. She paid him healthily though and he needs to go back. He may have to completely reinstall Windows. The cousins have been dling too much crap.
    My diet is still on a semi standstill and may soon become a full halt if things around here don't get more structured. It's hard to structure yourself when the person you want to spend time with is unstructured. I mean, hard to eat every 2 hours when you only are awake for 5 and just don't want to do anything. I'm worried about him STILL not having a job. *sighs*
    Morry he goes to the dentist so that maybe he can eat on both sides of his mouth.
    Meh, had to deal with people I consider friends threatening suicide over stupid shit. I know THEY don't think it's stupid shit but they have no idea what other crap they'll get to perservere though yet. And yes, it's worth it. Damn life with its worthwhileness and shit.

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say what
2004-05-04 04:34 (link)
Generally I don't think someone who "threatens" suicide is likely to go through with it. There are certain cases I'm sure but it's much more the people who consider it..thinking it a possibility of escaping the drab lifeless mundane world they see themselves in who are more likely to do it.

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