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Depandy wha wha (depandy) wrote,
@ 2004-01-29 23:00:00
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    Current mood: apathetic
    Current music:"Teenage Wasteland" ~ The Who

    Update much?!
    I have been informed by a couple people that i need to update my journal. I am sorry but I honestly lead a boring life and the stuff i write in here... well it could bore you to death!! HA that would actually be funny to watch, "Hey go read my blurty..." cause i secretly hate you and want you to die of boredom (**PCSH**)!!! (YEAOK)

    What to talk about....I have been home and back again in the time that I did not update. I was home a whole month!! Talk about complete bliss!! Now i have returned to this dark and dreary place they call Pfeiffer. Ummmm.....YEA!! Oh i still procrastinate, and i actually have work that is due tomorrow and i have not completed it yet, hm!!

    OH i took a road trip to a location i can not disclose incase someone, that could kick my ass and take away my car, reads this!! Yes but it was a fun one. I got to hang out with people, i can not mention because that could also get me in trouble, that I love very much for an extra weekend!! We had soo much fun, especially with the surprises, but i guess you had to have been there to know what i am talkin about. I WISH I COULD DO IT EVERY WEEKEND!!! I love you guys!!!

    Since i have been back at pfeiffer, nothing too interesting has happened. Tonight i went to a basketball game, and it was actually an interesting and exciting game. It was one of those games where the crowd really gets into it. It was also a nail biter, cause we came close to losing but ofcourse we didn't!! YAY PFEIFFER!!

    Well time for bed cause i have an 8 o'clock, and i like my 8 hours which at this point i wont get but i guess as much as possible is still good. Till the next time I get motivated enough to write here again...TTFN!!

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