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Deneo Diante (deneo) wrote,
@ 2004-01-25 16:01:00
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    Sinners and Saints
    I don't know where the thought or idea of this poem/lyric came from, but I figure I post it somewhere to share with the world. It's something of simplicid meaning I think, cause of the way it talks about how we classify ourselves as human beings. You know this fall true to most of us. Comment if you want, Ijust wish I was the saint I use to be, maybe then I could redeem the love that was meant for me. No further ado, Sinners and Saints:

    Oh what life we lead, in wonderlusting ways,
    How we came to find, our sinful deadly praise.
    Sinners we became, but before, we were saints.
    How can this be, anywhere in between.
    Between sinners and saints, there's this strange place
    Purgaory to some, unknown destination the same.
    Waiting for love, or dieing for faith,
    This is what comes of Sinners and Saints.

    There was a time, I left the home,
    proud white knight, looking for the throne.
    Then I came to a cross road, where I fell from grace...
    This is what happens to Sinners and saints.
    They fall from grace, or they come to replace.
    Waiting for love, or dieing for faith,
    This is what comes of Sinners and Saints.

    Though short now, I will continue working on it, as the ideas for it flow through.... I guess I was inspired to write this and i thank those who have inspired me in a unique way. From my previous posts, everything seem ok.... Things aren't as good as I would like, but one can't choose the way people feel.. it's up to them. And considering what was said in the poem so far, if we are to be sinners or saints, should we still have compassion for the other, or spite all the way?

    been one of them weeks, I hope for the remedy.


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