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Deneo Diante (deneo) wrote,
@ 2004-01-09 16:04:00
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    Interesting, as things have come full circle and once more I have turn my obligations to a new focus. she's back in my life and I'll do whatever is in my power to keep her there, for it's through my dreams that I see her now, but soon maybe that will change? she asks me to give her all or nothing in a sense, and that's all I can do, though there's not much left of me as half of me is stuck in the void that befell me,but slowly as pieces of myself reclaims its place in life, I shall share all of it with her. I will be complete.

    Interesting as events turn, i almost believe this is an act of God, he answered my prayers from the begining I believe when she wasn't with me anymore, for unselfishly, I asked, no matter what happens to me, keep her safe and happy. And it happened, or at least I hoped. Maybe now I can help in answering the prayer in full, by returning to that which made me whole, and in turn revive the spirit of the two of us.

    We both have our strengths and weaknesses, but together our tanacity will help us overcome that which has laid a fallen path before us.

    This is all I can say, Thank you God for giving me a life once more. The void was not friendly and I know you care for me as much as she cares for me. May my faith lend us strength.

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