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DemnShade (demnshade) wrote,
@ 2005-01-17 10:42:00
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    Current mood:awake
    Current music:Agents of Oblivion~"It's only the end...only the end "

    A quiz for the Juliet!
    Full name: Unfortunatly...Jessica seriously... and I hate it... I prefer to be called Demnshade or Jessi ...
    Birthdate: November 14th 1981 but really.. I am about 400 years old heh heh ;)
    Last place you traveled: Las Vegas
    Eye color: I am not sure changes... it is some kind.. of... yellow... brown...
    Nail color: Do not wear nail polish.. it always scrapes off.. too lazy to put more on
    Height: You would laugh if you knew how short I was
    Zodiac sign: Scorpio and we fuckin rule!

    Your heritage: . . .I am a mutt....Whales,English, Black Irish, Dutch, Native American, African
    The shoes you wore today: Black and red vans
    Your hair: uhhhh unmentionable.. I hate it..I look like a nerd!
    Your weakness: I am a double edge sword... can be too emotional or emotionless... sometimes I stick my foot in my mouth.. because I have a big mouth ... gets me in trouble... I can be too closed in sometimes...
    Your fears: they're deep seeded....
    Your perfect pizza: I'm sick of Pizza
    One thing you'd like to achieve: Pulling through with film school... writing a book and painting

    Your most overused phrase on AIM and/ or @ home: lol...
    Your thoughts first waking up: uhhh... usualy my thoughts are fuzzy
    Your current worry: my sister... getting a job
    Your plans for today: going to Moscow with Rachille.Congrats! she's getting married
    Your best physical feature: My eyes
    Your greatest accomplishment??: Taking a breath inbetween talking ;)

    Sunrise or sunset: both
    Goth or horror: Both?
    Eastsiiide or Westsiiide: I'm an eastside baby... but westside seems nice so far
    Stripes or polka dots: Stripes.
    Money or fame: ehhh it might be nice but I am bohimien! I am happy with a small place and art allowing my weird friends to come over and roll around in insanity
    Planes or trains: never been on a that bad?
    Metal or hardcore: . . .uh....I am ecclectic...i listen to everythnig like whoa!
    Boxers or briefs: Boxers.
    Your life is: Good....
    Pools or hot tubs: Both.

    Cuss: Yesss.
    Think you've been in love: . . .heh...truth be told... maddly...but I am cured of it as of now :)
    Want to get married: . . . ONLY if it is to the right person... whoever the hell they are... heh...
    Type w/ the fingers on the right keys: No way....fuck that!
    Like to take baths: OH! goody! bubble baths yay!
    Get motion sickness: No....I am motion sickness for others ...~evil grin~
    Like talking on the phone if yes..with who?: yes.... only with a certain few
    Like thunderstorms: they're beautiful in the summer
    Play an instrument: Hopefully the piano soon
    Workout: yes
    Like reading: I try

    Kind of fruit: BANNANNAS! Kiwi
    Music to fall asleep to: Hyde and Cradle Of Filth.
    Time of the day: depends...lately it has been Gackt
    Feature in the opposite sex: Eyes and personality....I do have an affinative to the mouth... hmmm
    Car: mmm Chavels....mmm the new thunderbirds....SHWING!
    Number: 3
    Thing to do right before bed: RpG with the Sethefer
    Thing to say when you're mad: God damnit!..I know it's bad....
    Era: which one? lived too many
    Horror movie: uhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmm...let me think on that
    Colors: Black, red and dark purple. (wow Juliya we have the same favorite colors :) )

    Age you hope to be married: uhhh....if it ever happens ~shruggs~
    Numbers & Names of Children: maybe I will adopt one one day,... I have many names in mind...
    Describe your dream engagement ring: They will know...
    Describe your Dream Wedding: . . . uhhh can't say will spoil my dreams
    How do you want to die: I don't want to die...
    Where do you want to go to college: I don't know yet
    What do you want to be when you grow up: An artist... film maker
    What country would you most like to visit: England, Egypt,Spain,Australia, Canada...Japan... ( thanks to Juliya and seth ! ;) and many other places

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