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Danielle (Dee) (deemarieness) wrote,
@ 2004-03-22 15:21:00
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    Current mood: bored

    Bored and wanted to do this!
    ***BASIC FACTS***

    what time is it? 3:21pm

    name as appears on birth certificate: Danielle

    single or taken: single

    zodiac sign: Gemini

    Chinese zodiac: rabbit

    Natural Hair color: Whatever they put in that month!

    Eye color: Brown

    height (last time you checked): 5'7"

    shoe size: 8

    glasses or contacts: Glasses Sometimes

    braces: Nope

    piercings/tattoo: 1 hole in each ear

    birthplace: KS

    current residence: Birmingham,MI

    siblings and ages: Evan,11

    ***HAVE YOU EVER...***

    Gone skinny dipping? No

    Been drunk? Yes

    Gotten high? No

    Smoked a cigarette? Yes

    Skipped school? Yes

    bungee jumped? No

    kissed someone not related to you? Yes

    had a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes

    French kissed? Yes

    TP-ed someone's house? Yes

    won something (contest, race, etc.)? No

    asked someone out? Yes

    Been rejected? Yes

    Been in love? Nope

    used a lighter? Yes

    *** FAVORITE... ***

    food: Sushi

    school subject: Fashion Merchadising

    TV show(s): Friends, Will and Grace, and Queer Eye For The Strait Guy!

    breakfast cereal: Frosted Mini Wheats

    number: 4

    book: Where the red fern grows

    movie: Bed of Roses, How to loose a guy in 10 days!

    candy: Rider Sport Chocolate

    soda/pop: Canada Dry Ginger ale and Sprite

    color: PINK

    vacation spot: Paris

    sport to play: None

    Band/singer/rapper: JLo, Shania Twain

    letter: D

    fast food restaurant: Subway

    Favorite Cartoon Duo: Don’t watch cartoons

    holiday: My Birthday

    Name for a mouse: Teeny

    Name for a girl: Julia and Marie

    Name for a boy: Andrew, James, and Brian

    *** DO YOU PREFER... ***

    Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla

    boys or girls (not sexually, just whose company u prefer)? Girls

    hugs or kisses? Hugs

    summer or winter?: Summer

    long relationships or one night stands? Long relationships

    either scary movies or comedies?: comedies

    silver or gold?: white gold

    Croutons or bacon bits? Croutons

    ***Things That Come To Mind***

    doctors: anoying
    hedgehog: cute little thing
    School: Seaholm
    Grass: Smoke?
    Canada: Bridge
    mouse: Minny
    Hand: Large

    *** IN THE PAST 24 HOURS, HAVE YOU... ***

    watched a movie? Yes

    Talked on the phone? Yes

    Cried? Yes

    Thrown up? No

    Drank a glass of water? Yes

    Gone to the bathroom? Yes

    Read a book/magazine? Yes

    Watched TV? Yes

    Looked in the mirror? Yes

    Taken a shower? Yes

    Taken a picture? No

    Listened to music? Yes

    hugged/kissed someone? Yes

    done your hw? Yes

    told someone you loved them? Yes

    *** DO YOU BELIEVE IN... ***

    Heaven? Yes

    Hell? Undecided

    Aliens? Undecided

    Fun for the entire family? Yes

    freedom of speech? Yes

    Love? in true love? Yes

    Magic? No


    last movie you saw in theaters: Dawn of the Dead

    Are u listening to music now: No

    What color shirt are you wearing? White

    Do you like your middle name? Yes

    what color is your backpack (for school)? Black Bag

    what time is it now?: 3:27pm

    Now count the number of minutes after u started: 5 Minutes

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