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Josh (deathtoall81) wrote,
@ 2004-01-17 08:56:00
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    Current mood:happy/sleepy
    Current music:Kittie - Run Like Hell

    too early...bleh
    wow...last night

    we had a 2 hr delay thursday and friday ruining Josh n Aaron time 'cos we had school all day. Thursday after 1st period me, Dan, and Staci went back to Dans and hung out for awhile. then at 2:51 i went back and picked up Aaron from school. i took her home then came home.

    Yesterday i had my Spanish Final...ugh. i don't think i did so well on it. after school i took Dan and Staci down to Saylors and me n Aaron went to the bank then back to her house. just listened to music and hung out for awhile. then we was sneaky ;) he was so unaware...just sittn down in the living room watchn his tv. lol. after that Aaron made us some Mac and cheese and we actually watched most of Freddy vs Jason. then we tried to watch Underworld...but uh, didn't really make it through that *think back to church parking* he left around 930 to go pick up her granmother, and we were perfect little angels. *tries to find halo to put on* lol, yea right. us good? no way ;) they got back around 1030 as i was leaving...leaving *is sad* i didn't wanna leave. i love you so much Aaron. last night, well everytime we're together is perfect. i will always be by your side. through thick and thin, no matter what. i would do anything for you.

    *love you Aaron

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2004-01-17 13:27 (link)
It didn't take long for my package to get to you. [package, -giggles-] I'm so messed up today O.O I hope you like them though ;D I'd better get something in return, eh? Eh.


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its me yer aareen.
2004-01-17 15:57 (link)
hey baby...that was a sweet entry.....u know id do anything for you too..and i dont know WHAT u r talking about?! we r a;ways perfect angels.....but i have lost my halo. lol. i love you so much, and ill miss you so much this i said i promise we will atleast have a little bit of time next weekend to hang out...or yiu can kick me....haha...i love you baby...always*muah*


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