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Josh (deathtoall81) wrote,
@ 2004-01-11 19:46:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Story of the Year - Page Avenue

    It's not what you have said, it's what you have done
    today...was a great day. i left my house aroun 945 and went over to Aarons. he grandfather came home like 2 seconds before i got there. i was like "well fuck" at first...but it all worked out. heh, sneaky ;) we left there around 11 to go down and see her mom. it took about 45 minutes to get there. just kinda hung out there, ate pizza, and talked. i like her parents. their pretty cool. we left there about 2 and headed to Wal*Mart to get hair dye. i got hot red. lol. went back to Aarons to dye it...but it didn't work very well. its faded in my yea. i dunno. we'll try it again sometime soon. im too impatient to just sit there tho. after we did all that we went upstairs and hung out for awhile. then it was sneaky...AGAIN ;)!!!!!!!!!!! fun stuff man. with both people home this time. more riskAy. lol. after that....yea, both kinda tired so we just laid around and watched Cruel Intentions. i had to leave at 645. sadness. i love you baby.

    tomorrow is school again. ugh, school blows donkey balls. oh well after this week only 17 weeks. w0000

    *love you Aaron

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weis sneaky hehe
2004-01-11 20:02 (link)
sneaky shit lol. yay! my parents liked you too. but u know what i love you the most. no one will ever love you as much as i do. i wish u were here with me right now ): but i love you always and forever.....words cant explain how much i love you.


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