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Kim(mie) (deathlikescats) wrote,
@ 2005-06-19 12:27:00
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    Current mood: rejuvenated
    Current music:fan rattling above

    Back in SD
    Been having a good time hanging out with some, missing and or flaking on others (sometimes cus of double bookin'. my bad :{ ) Also found a good if rather booring Job. I'm an office manager in an office of 4 (including me.) So far it's been booring, or hectic. Never in between. Keeps me on my toes, which is good. As of Monday I'm on my own till my birthday, on teh 1st. Still dunno what I'm doing for that. Will probably just ahve a nice relaxed evening or spend it gaming, as I've done for the past couple of weeks. I'm still hoping to make it to Anime Expo that weekend, and at least help Jen, Kieran, Beth and Jen's brother (who I allways forget their name) one of the days that weekend. Then it's the pool party of doom up at the sinclairs. I'm sure there'll be drama, as a large and diverse group this is and the private angers and rivalries ammongst us are strong and varying.

    I'm connecting back up with friends, and I like it. I'm thinking of the debts and the current, and leaving teh future to next month. The car broke, and Kirb's dad helped bankroll the repair. I will pay it off, along with the other things that need paying off.

    Con looms ever closer and money comes short, so hopefully I'll have everything paid off by then. *crosses fingers* at least I'm gonna get three checks of largness before this assignment runs out.

    Time for cleanisng and working on stuff.

    Off I go

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2005-06-19 23:56 (link)
Congrats on finding a job

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2005-06-20 06:23 (link)

thankies ^_^ Only till the end of the month, but it's something.

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Good luck to you.
2005-06-20 17:16 (link)
And my bro is Bryan with a Y. ;-)

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Re: Good luck to you.
2005-06-20 19:20 (link)
Thankies for the info. Gotsta rememberthat... Shouldn't be hard cus the other Bryan I know is also with a "Y". Strange how they come in groups like that ;)

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Re: Good luck to you.
2005-06-21 00:03 (link)
Like Jeff's

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2005-06-22 09:44 (link)
As far as I'm aware, all grudges are supposed to be checked at the door for the 4th of July party...though I'm sure some of them will be let out because of the use of alcohol inhibiting people's common sense. But, eh...hopefully there will be enough sober people to calm down the situation and everyone can have a good time.

Nick and I should be there with kid in tow, though I don't know how long we can stay because we both have to work in the morning. Lame!


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Re: Hmmm...
2005-06-22 17:22 (link)
Alchymohol works both ways. Sometimes it amplifies the stress and makes the issues come out, or it makes it so the stressed people relax and can get over their issues. I've seen both. I'm hoping for the latter.

I plan to drink a little, since I'm sure there'll be Margaritta's there but I'm pretty aware when I'm going into buzzed territory. Drinking isn't bad, it's just not being smart about how much I'm drinking or what mood I'm in when I start it that's dumb. Drinking when you're with friends and in a good mood can only be good.

As for work in the morning, don't let that get ya down. You're coworkers will be just as sluggish, no matter how responsible they end up being. ;)

Ya sure ya wana bring you're lil doggie along? From the pic's Momma showed me of him, he's still a little pup and probably couldn't handle that many people (plus the dogs nearby). If ya have someone ya trust to take care of em, I'd do that instead. It'd suck for him to get hurt. There's allways daycare people too.

It'll be good to see you there (since it's been long long since I've seen ya ^_^) & I might actually get to know Nick too. :D (bad bad joke in horrible taste, I'm sure. if I offended, my bad)

Have a good week!

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Re: Hmmm...
2005-06-22 17:26 (link)
Well, Beep is a smart little girl, I'm sure she'll be just find. If anything, I don't think her Grandma and Grandpa wouldn't want her to be there! She loves people, and the dogs have gotten used to her, so I don't see a problem with her being there. So things should be good.

And I didn't say drinking was bad, but drinking large quantities in short periods of time is. And you're correct saying it can go either way. I can't drink anyway, I usually am the designated driver.

And I think the last time I saw you was during the Holidays, right? When you stopped up for dinner? Was it Easter?

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Re: Hmmm...
2005-06-22 18:29 (link)
I think I stoped by around x-Mas, and you'd straightened your hair. I think that's the last time I saw ya...

I agree, stupid overconsumpion of alchohol ruins it for everyone.

Beep! That's the cutest name ever! I'm SO gonna have to name a cat "thunk" or something, though I canna beat the absolute cuteness of Beep.

See ya there with bells on... maybe. ;)

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Re: Hmmm...
2005-06-24 11:39 (link)
Bells? That takes much more alchohol. ;)

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