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Mystro (93mystro11) wrote in dearyou_,
@ 2010-08-28 11:17:00
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    Current mood: confused

    Again? you got to be kidding...

    Where is the line with you? *Bjork

    Dear Charlene:

    Again? I ask the question. Where is the line with you? Yesterday you told me all the nasty things I never want to hear, starting the same argument that drove us apart (and does every time). One day you tell my friend how much you love me, how you love the direction of my nose and you love how my hair grows, the very next day there you are complaining about money and how me not working is hindering you from your responsibilities, how my volunteering with The Steel Yard is not "paying me," and then say I got two weeks to find a job. Where is the line with you?

    Now you need my help, now Bob is asking if I can work for you and train the new guy, now you know how bad you hurt me, now you know that if you give me shit I give it back ten times fold, now you see how your negative attitude affects how things work in your life? Not again. This pattern of bull shit is getting old and quicker than you think.

    I have a lot going on, and yes none of all these things involve you. I have this Iron Chef competition and I need to win, I have this paid project and yes its more for my reputation than the money, I am training to be a bicycle mechanic, I am gaining experience as I go, I need to be involved with these community gardens, I need to dedicate my life to what I believe in, there is so much to learn and all of it has been sitting under my nose this whole time. And now you want to piss me off, fuck what I got going?

    Where is the line wit you? Do you have to be so jealous, are you afraid that I don't need you the way you need me, is there up-side to the down-hill spiral, do you really think I am going to put up with this any longer? One day the line is just love you, the next day the line is just get a job and help with the bills, then the line is "if you want to leave go ahead then," this is not making any sense.

    I know that I am the cause of some of the BS in your life now but without me you say life will be worst because all you can do is think of me. I drink and I am not proud of it, but a 6-pack does not equate to you being "high" all the time. I draw the line here where we stand, I am not making idle threats, and what ever happens (to us or in the near future) is because we will it to happen. So again, draw the line and stay there, in the end, when the music stops I won't be the one standing without a chair (*Dilateted Peoples), by the time you realize the damage you have caused it will be too late. There is such a thing as "too late," when you draw the line at the edge and you push too far, it’s too late!

    Someone who really cares, Mystro

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