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Junky Babe (junkybabe) wrote in dearyou_,
@ 2009-10-29 16:28:00
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    Current mood: devious

    Dear Fuck Face...You Suck!!!
    Dear Fuck Face, You have pretty much always had a thing for the younger girls & I fucking hate it when you lie & say you don't! You don't even have enough guts to be fucking honest you asshole! Fuck you! The thought of you looking at those fake bitches like that just burns my fucking ass! Your not even man enough to admit shit when you get caught up in your fucking pathetic lies! Your 2nd wife was only 16 & you were 26 when you knocked her up & what about those other young ass bitches?! I was 22 when you met me. It's not like this is your mid life crisis, it's just the way you are...then you wonder why you can't find a good woman? Ha, that's because your looking at little girls hunny who don't even know what the fuck to do with it anyways, fake bitches like in the pornos who are so fucking fake that it makes me wanna fucking puke all over the fucking place! Just your type, but you can't please em anyways cuz your junk is fucked up! You claim that you love me & think that I'm hot & sexy & beautiful, but how are you gonna feel when I start getting older? Your taste in women won't change for me! You do like em young & when you say that you don't your a fucking liar! I'm almost 30 & your almost 40 so I guess now that I'm getting older & your getting older that you just don't get off on me like you used to! Fuck you because I know that I'm sexy & hot & I've never ever had a problem getting a man...or a woman for that matter you jerk off! I can get way more than you can anyways & you know it! Go, have fun, enjoy your little pop tart bitches...oh that's right, most of them won't even look at you or give your old ass the time of day hahaha! I'm like fine wine baby, I've only gotten better with age & when my ex husband got hooked up with that little 19 yr old he couldn't wait to get back to me & get back down my panties & you know what he said motherfucker? He said "Ahhh finally, a real woman, someone who knows what their doing!" So stick that in your pipe & smoke it cock sucker!!! Ha, the jokes on you motherfucker! Your such a fucking liar & I've got more guts that you've ever had!!! It's fucked up that even I can get more pussy than you! The men love me & the ladies do too so bite it, bite it really hard you motherfucking loser!!!

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