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deaduponaffival (deaduponarrival) wrote,
@ 2003-08-24 22:53:00
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    hey baba
    hey hey hey what up cats!!! nm im just chillin!!! i helped jamie move into her dorm yesterday that was hard. just seeing my best friend move an hour away instead of like 10 steps away everyone is like well thats not far away. i am just like omg you just dont know, i havent lived 5 seconds way from her since like the 7th grade. and when she moved way it was in the 3rd grade so i got over that real fast. but this summer has been nothing but jamie and amanda since the first day of it. she didnt have cheering and i didnt have band so i just hung out. its gonna be hell not being able to call her up and be like jaim im bored come over... jamie- you come over i came over your house yesterday, and then i would go over and it would be the same way for the week and then it would switch!!! i miss her so and it sux:-\ arg so um yea :-\ i hate not having my best friend here to talk to she is off with her new friends and im sitting here wanting my old life back when we didnt have to worry about new friends or new schools or who we were gonna live with for the next year. and ya know what im not gonna be living with anyone but my family bc im in some stupid buisness school and i want to go to college and not have to stay at home. :'( i miss jamie
    well i think im gonna go now am i boring yet? yea i think i am

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