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death (angel of it) (deadman102183) wrote,
@ 2004-02-11 00:26:00
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    GRR Angry!!!
    Just got called my friend pleading for money for weed, just bout to get to sleep and my cell starts ringing, first they wanted 5, then 10, then 20 and they wanted me to wander to the end of my block to go give it to them, if you read this, get a job please, come on. So im waiting at the end of my block, smell weed in the air, that or someone has a whole lot of cigars they been smoking. Its very conspicuous standing on my corner at midnight, theyre used to be a really big prob in this area so cops patrol all night and there is like 3 UC's and 3 cops living on my block. That girl has gotta get a job, im gonna have a talk with her tomorrow afternoon when she isnt surrounded by all the other potheads. Well im going to sleep now, just had to rant for a minute. (user feels shaky from standing outside for 10 minutes, wow pretty colors, i have hands, yeah) (im just kidding, moo hahaha)

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2004-02-11 21:04 (link)
i know what u mean about the friend that needed money for drugs thats the worst ...stop standing on corners at 12 ! thats dangerous...... the second poem was kinda dark... do u really feel like that? ttyl and thanks for the comment on my last entry...cant remeber if i wrote back to that. well im off gonna put the little one to bed soon : ) ttyl take care

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