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Nanashi (deadlaughter) wrote,
@ 2003-04-27 16:32:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:Smashing Blue - Gravitation

    Am I not wanted by my friends anymore, or am I pushing them away? For some reason, it seems as if the distance between my friends and I becomes greater and greater every hour of the day. No bonds that I have between me and my friends are getting stronger. They are either staying the same or getting weaker. My friends are my life....without them, I would just be a caffeine-obsessed anime nerd computer freak. I litterally would just go to school, learn what the teachers have for me, come home and do my homework on my computer. If there isn't an obvious way to do it, than I would find one, but because of my friends, I don't do that. I go to school, learn some stuff, hang out with my friends, come home, do stuff online with my friends, and if I am still awake, I do my homework.

    My dad got pissed off at me because I had a bad time online today, which made my attitude suck. He said if I was gonna keep the attitude I had, to go away. I was about ready to hit him a lot and than leave. It's like he doesn't think anyone can have a bad day every now and than. I rarely have bad days.

    (notice for anyone who doesn't like my kat rants: coming up right now. leave if you dont wanna read. this is the last part of this entry, my kat rant) I called Kat today, apparently her dad doesn't want Kat to talk to me because he hasn't given her my messages. She was in the shower when I called. I had Sally call her house about a 1/2 hour later cuz her dad said she was just getting out of the shower. It doesn't take over a 1/2 hour to get out of the shower, so when she called, Kat was at soccer. Kat came back online, and I told her that I called, and she didn't know I called, much less the calls that I made before that she never returned because of her father. Kat and I had planned her coming over here in the afternoon, after soccer. She said she was sick, yet at 3:30 she left to go see a movie. A lot of sense that makes. She is too sick to come over to my house, yet she isn't all that sick so she can go to a movie? Either Kat is starting to not like me as much, or her parents really hate me. I don't know what I am going to do anymore....I guess the only thing I can do is sit around and wait for her. She's the one in charge, so....yeah.

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2003-04-27 19:08 (link)
You're definitely pushing away, dude. I quote: "there are 2 things i want right now.
1) for kat to call me
2) to be left alone by everyone except kat." That seems to me like YOU'RE the one doing the ostracizing, not us. Just to clarify that a little bit. But you know that we won't leave you...

I don't mind if you TALK about Kat, it's just if you paint a huge billboard saying "I LOVE KAT KAT IS MY LIFE ME AND KAT WERE MAKING OUT BLAH" then it starts getting me annoyed and bitter... things like that don't generally go over well with those who are lonely/just outta a break up/just starting to feel the results of being single all their lives and never finding anybody who loves them as much as they love them, okay?

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2003-04-28 08:02 (link)
than i'll shut up for a while.

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2003-04-28 09:24 (link)
Oh yeah. Stop talking to us all together, THAT'll make it better.

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2003-04-28 17:46 (link)
i never said anything about stop talking all together to you and others.

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