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Jamie (deadirishman) wrote,
@ 2003-08-01 15:49:00
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    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I finally have somewhere to rant, rave, bitch, whine, cry, and other assorted blurts of thought...guess thats why they call this thing blurty huh? heh...Anyway...this is my very first entry...I just found out today that I can't get my drivers licence back for who knows how long? This totally sucks and the worst part is, for those of you who don't know, I didnt lose it for dui (driving under influence) OR driving violations OR unpaid tickets OR anything driving related. I lost it due to the fact that my super screwed up state allows buisnesses to suspend your liscence if you owe them money and arent paying enough in payments to suit them. For example...let's just say that mr.X..(me haha) a call from mci...and they wanted him to take their shitty long distance and promised alot of stuff that they didnt deliver on...anyway...he takes the service cause at the didnt have a long distance provider period...then, he later finds out that he cant call anyone ...cause his shitty backwoods phone company requires a huge deposit just to have long distance capabilities for the mr.X imediately calls MCI and says..."TURN IT OFFF...TURN IT OFF...I CANT USE IT AT ALL"...MCI says.."sure thing"....when really...they let it go on for another six months...and mr.X gets a bill for something that he cant use and wont pay the bill...therefore..MCI petitioned the virginia dmv to take his liscence from him unless he pays them...gah... Okay kids...the word for today is "assreaming"..can you say it?...can you use it in a sentence?...I goes..."I got a good and proper assreaming from MCI" that Ive vented, I feel much much much better...thanks lol...I guess I will continue dreaming about the day that I can legally drive, instead of doing it every single day against the law lol...ohhhh..I feel like such a rebel...yeah right...gah

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2003-08-02 08:00 (link)
those bastards! that totally sucks. screw them.

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