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Jamie (deadirishman) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 01:06:00
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    Current mood: enraged
    Current music:Boom----system of a down

    I figured the other post was getting way too now I am gonna bitch about people hahaha...but seriously. The kind of people that piss me off the most fall into three catagories: doers, stupids, and hypos...let me explain:
    "doers" Doers are what I call people that just "do" things. For example...the assholes who never read instructions, or dont pay attention to them. I am postitive that you guys know at least one person like that ....the guy who puts together his kids bike, bitching cause he cant get it together right, only to have to rush his kid to the emergency room cause they broke their little arm when the fuckin whell flew off...then the dad tries to sue the fucking company cause he blames the bike....ALSO...the ones who never really know how to work their computer, dvd player, stereo equipment, etc. etc. etc. cause they just yank it out of the box and start fucking with it. Computers are the have no idea how many people bitch and moan and actually screw themselves royally by deleting this and that and sliding this file here and that file there. Then they scream that the computer is a peice of shit, the company who made it sucks or that they got a virus offline. There are also those who do this one, they try to play games on a playstation two or xbox or whatever without reading the instructions...I mean,,,jesus christ on a fucking pony...dont start playing and hitting buttons and then saying..."this game sucks" because you cant get it right because you were too goddamn stupid to take five seconds to look at the controler layouts...FUCK!!! this brings us to the second catagory:
    "stupids"...These people are the ones who are just so cunting stupid that you cant believe they ever made it past the toddler stage without killing themselves, Examples you say? hehe....The woman that burned herself on coffee at McDonalds and then actually sued them, Hence that stupid fuckin warning on the cups now. I mean, how long was this retarded bitch drinking coffee? Was it her first ever cup of joe? Jesus christ how stupid. "uhhh...I didnt know it was one told me"...what? did she think that they made coffee using COLD water? Didnt she feel the fucking cup was hot? did the steam rolling out the top not signal to her that she shouldnt dump the shit in her lap?...gah...or these people...the ones who are suing tobacco companies with that bullshit story of ..."I didnt know I would get cancer and die" FUCK YOU STUPID BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!! I smoke fags everyday..and I can remember my first one...I coughed and hacked like my fucking lungs were falling out...Its smoke retards...its not good for you...have you ever inhaled smoke from a fire? did it not make you gag and hack like you were gonna die? do you honestly expect anyone to believe that you thought that they were harmless when the first ciggarette caused you to wish that you had been like clinton and not inhaled at all? didnt your head spin and you feel sorta gaggish and queasy stomached?...jesus...gah I mean, I dont know what exactly will kill me if I drink massive amounts of alchohol every day, but I know that it isnt good for dont see anyone sueing the alchohol companies,,,why? cause its a money scheme thought up by stupid people...and its working cause of more stupid people believing the stupidity. I smoke like I said before, and if my goddamn lungs shrivel up and I hear from a doctor tomorrow that I am dying, you will never see me blaming anyone but myself. Cause there aint any wankers holding any guns to my head making me smoke these fags...gah....then there are the drunken drivers...hello punters...think about drink, you get stupid, you know this, it makes you dizzy, sleepy, dullwitted, and makes you want to fuck anything that do you honestly think that you can do something as complicated as driving after drinking something that does all that to you?...fuck me whatta bunch of stupid people there are which brings me to my other catagory: hypos
    "hypos" are hypocrits...People who are strictly do as I say, not as I do types. Like my fucking parents, who drank, smoked, did illegal drugs, had premarital sex, lied, and everything else, but told me NOT the fuck is my dad gonna set on the couch with a beer in his hand and a fag hanging out of his lips and then tell me that I am grounded because he found an empty beer can in my room? Or my mom hiding my dads porn movies in a closet, then raising hell when I found one and started watching it...she says..."these are nasty and wrong...dirty filthy films" night I stayed up late in my room reading...and heard the familiar cheesy music and grunts/groans....I went downstairs and asked my mom as my dad rushed to stop the film wtih the remote..."hey mother, if these movies are so nasty and bad to watch, why are YOU watching them?"...her response was ..."I am your mother, now get yer arse in the bed and dont question me"...hmmmm..sounds like someone is a wanker hehe....or the religious people that fill those church pews on sunday morn, then as soon as they get home they beat their wife, scream at their kids, snort some coke, go visit their "friend" who just happens to be some mattress back whore who likes fuckin married guys, then they get home again, hop online, and wank off to child porn. This type of person I totally loathe and hate more than any other. The religious ones that dont practice what they preach. I say, I am an evil person, and live up to it...dont you fucking dare come to me tellling me how great you are on sunday and then the rest of the goddamn week you run around doing horrible things or even things that arent holy. another example of this is my family..hehe...and sis, you are soooo gonna kill me for this...but fuck it....My sister is a bi-sexual woman. She enjoys sucking on a girl as much as she does a guy. Then, on sunday morning, she goes to church, and calls herself a christian, I on the other hand, do not label myself as such but I do know enough about the bible to know what it says about homosexuality...the same bible that she claims to believe in....the same fuckin one. quote, Leviticus 18:22 It is disgusting for a man to have sex with another man... and somewhere else in the bible it mentions not having sex with the same sex, I cant remember where, cause I do not study the bible any longer, but it is there. And this is the same bible that my sister claims is her "holy book"...she likes fucking women, and the same god she claims says its wrong...hmmmm...somethings wrong here. I personally am not religious even though it was pounded into me every day of my life untill I moved out of my parents house. And, I could care less if you are gay or not, doesnt matter to me if ya like the same or opposite sex. BUT, please gay people, dont claim to love god and be all christian and shit if you are gay...look what god did to sodom and gamorah because they were fucking each other up the ass and such...and then say, "I am a gay christian"...tell me how you can be gay, and worship a god that burned two entire cities to the ground for homosexuality? Not to mention the fact that he says its "disgusting"...gah...and another thing for you gay people...please please pleeeeeeze...stop with the damn whining already...the people that hate you are the people that are closed minded idiots, so ignore them...gah...
    I forgot one other catagory, and this one is probably gonna get my blurty journal kicked offline and aol torn away from me, but I dont care....No one is ever gonna hear me otherwise, and I have to get it off of my chest or I am gonna explode....this catagory is,,,the politically correct/racism catagory...I loathe these people in this one....for example...Black people who still cry about slavery and then call themselves african americans...(there went my blurty and aol haha) but its true...How long ago was slavery? did anyone alive suffer the agonies of it? nope nope and nope...also, do your goddamn homework before you go crying about your ancestors fate at the hands of the white devil...have you ever reasearched it at all? The truth, and most dont want to hear or believe it, but its documented many times over, is that the slaves that slave traders brought to america, were actually already slaves in africa...not kings, queens and princes. Do you really think that a couple of fat white guys could take a boat to africa and enslave entire tribes of spear and arrow tossing well toned muscular people?..think about it...All truth be told, tribes in africa used to enslave other tribes all the time, the white traders who brought slaves back from africa simply bought the slaves from tribes in africa....soooo...they were slaves long before they came to america...NOW..before you go sending me hate mail...I am not saying that every black slave that came to america was a slave also in africa, but most were, I am not advocating slavery, its just wrong and simply sickens me...however, the history saying that ALL slaves were plucked from their happy homes in africa and forced to live a life as a slave here in america is just as wrong as slavery itself. Its a lie and should be treated as such. The second part of this is the african american label...its total bullshit...I admit, I do recognize my irish heratige, but I dont call myself and fuckin way...I was born in america, therefore I am an american, no matter where my family is from. And the same goes for the blacks that call themselves "african-americans" and then gets all pissy when someone calls them anything else...I mean come on...jesus christ people, grow the fuck up. Most of the black people using this term faithfully, their families have been in america since the slavery thing, so how the fuck can they actually make it sound like they are dual citizenship peoples? If you came from africa to the states, and werent born here...then sure, call yourself african-american with pride....but you other people who were born here and have never even been to africa, leave that moniker for those who truly deserve it....and one other thing about this whole slavery and racism thing, I dated a black girl named Gwendolyn Harris for about a year and loved her more than I have loved anyone. BUT...her racist father didnt like her dating a white guy, and told her that he would disown her if she continued seeing me...soooo...I have too suffered the injustice of racism...only at the hands of a BLACK man who should understand the effects and wrongness of it...(and gwen, if you by some miracle are reading this...I still love you dealy and would love to speak to you again..just to see how your life has turned were my first true love, you took my virginity, and I will never forget you as long as I live)...I was also told that I couldnt have a job at a local buisness due to affirmitive action....this is a racism squashing device? so?..because I live in an area without many black people now, even though I grew up one of the only white kids in five blocks, I am told that the goverment has racial quotas that have to be met? to make a longer story shorter, all the bullshit red tape and legalities aside, I was denied a job because I am white and the buisness didnt have enough black people working for them to meet the governments standards to keep from being labeled "racist"...seems to me that its racism in reverse...not to mention the fact that I have to hear about and pay for the mistakes of some dumbass white freaks who brought slaves to america long before my family was even here or I was even born?..what the fuck is that? You always hear about racism in the news, if a black kid gets jumped by white kids, or if some biggot runs his goddamn mouth and says that he doesnt like black people,,,,but do you ever hear of any racism against white people from the blacks? dont kid yourself, it does fucking exist,,,just the other day, I heard a prominent black preacher on television telling about how some white kid got beat to death by black kids in his area, and it was on the second page news filed away with other non-important things in a few days time, he then went on to say that it sickened him because if it had been a black kid killed by whites that the naacp and every other black organization would be tearing at the walls trying to get something done about it and making it the crime of the century...I say again...I totally agree with this gentleman, preacher or not, and think that people who want to face up and fight racism needs to first forget who they are and who everyone else is...and then realize that to fight racism, you cant focus on racism to fight just have to let it die, the same as I am going to let this entry into my bitchfest of a journal die, in retrospect, I am no long pissed off but rather sad because of this whole thing, its been made fun of many many many many times, but in the immortal words of rodney king,,,,"cant we all just get along?"...really Mr. King...hats off to you dear sir.

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2003-08-07 20:19 (link)
god this made me laugh so damn hard. you are right on just about everything.

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