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Tom (deadgeneration) wrote,
@ 2003-11-23 04:38:00
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2003-11-23 21:36 (link)
im hear for u. adn just for the record i think your a very good person, if anythign u are TOO caring about people and thats a good thing. your a good friend, dont think twice about it.
- puker

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2003-11-24 16:13 (link)
thanx alot. i kno u here for me, its just that everything right now is fucked up, and its all really my fault. alot of things and people hav changed since lasdt year and over the summer and its never really gonna be right again. i miss the summer. things were goin so well. now, everythings just fallin to pieces. i really hate regrets, but i hav alot of them. its so retarted. and the worst part is it all doesnt matter. we're gonna graduate from high skool in 2 years. then wut? all this shit will be forgotton. so it doesnt really matter now. the people u see now will be long gone wen u graduate. the same people the u go to high skool with and get close to prolly wont be goin to the same college. and ull only stck with ur best of frends once u leave. i thought some people at st. joes were really good frends of mine but in the past month everythings all changed and it hit hard but it made me realize. it still hurts now and i wish things/people cud be different but that cant happen. only if they really cared for u it will happen. and for the record, im not pointing this at anyone in peticular, so no one take it personal. i really miss the summer.

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