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uBeR aFRo (ddrphoenixchick) wrote,
@ 2003-06-20 20:03:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:Some We in Music and the Pixies ^.^

    I finally get on!!!! ^.^ My mom's beein waiting on a fax(that wouldn't come), and I finally get to come online!!!! ^.^ I found out that Matthew's goin' to Carowinds t'morrow, and that's good, since I owe him a hug and I haven't spoken to him that much. Anyways, me and Walt were talkin' last night, and I went nuclear. Here's why: 1. I was in my usual state of craziness, and 2. He didn't know what braindead meant. And I've liked him for how long, now? A year? GAH And we're a day apart, and he doesn't know. Makes me seem like Einstein >.< Anyways, I can't wear my phat Caffeine pants to Carowinds t'morrow >.< I so wanted to!!!! It's raining here, so I don't hope it cancels out Carowinds trip. Because I was lookin' forward to this for how long, now? Five days?!?! Haha! Anyways, I'm just glad I can get on. Thanks for the song "Broken Face", Jansen! ^.^ GAH I gotta clean my room, since my bro and my cousin messed it up >.< STUPID BROTHER AND COUSIN!!!! I drew a robot today, too. It's a big robot ^.^ I like robots. I'm Charmy, the robot space chick from DDR Konamix ^.^ Watch me dance like an idiot!!!!!! Da da da da da da!!!! I gotta get my dad to wash the shorts on the dryer before t'morrow. Those are the only thing they'll let me wear! I WANNA WEAR MY PHAT RAVER PANTS!!!!! >.< I'll reason this out, somehow...Welp, I gotta jet. 'Til Sunday, PLuRR aND RaVe oN!!!!!!

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