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uBeR aFRo (ddrphoenixchick) wrote,
@ 2003-06-27 19:52:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:Atlanta Rhythm Section "So Into You"

    Saving 50¢ on each visit to Dairy Queen!
    What a delightful day!!!! ^.^ I went swimming after I finished the earlier entry, when my sis and my bro inored me for most of the time(bummer -.-). Then we made some pizza, and chilled out for a bit(I came back online). Then mom came home, and she got mad at us for some reason. Then I washed the dishes, and went upstairs to do some stuff. Dad came home a bit later, and let me eat some 'Dog bones' that he had gotten for Katie. I was playing some Pokémon, since I'm trying to so some more stuff with it(like get my Abra to go to level 100 without evolving). As I said before, I like just the games, not anything else. Now, I'm eating corn, carrots, and waiting for some apples. Spongebob said bad word #11 ^.^ I don't know what #11 is, but I know it's a bad word. Hehe WHY AM I WATCHING SPONGEBOB AGAIN?!?! ....hmmmmm....I got my apples ^.^ Happy happy happy!!!! AGH! I hate fever blisters >.< Welp, I'm gonna jet for t'night. I might stay up later t'night again lol PLuRR aND RaVe oN!!!!

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