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:+:Scream:+:In:+:Ecstacy:+: (daveyxslave) wrote,
@ 2003-09-05 17:45:00
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    Current mood: nervous

    Im Moving! Im Moving! i went 2 go get my bracelets from Leo's house 2day...mhm...he was being really yea...he was all in black...he lookz good in black...he should wear that color more anyway...i was suppose 2 go give em his blank cd n his wifebeater with the lil red lightning boltz on i gave it 2 em...n he took the wifebeater n sprayed it w/ that cologne [or perfume..wtvr] that he alwayz uses...then he gave it back 2 me...n said he just wanted it 2 smell like em so i can keep sniffing it or sumthin...that was sweet..but hes still an arsehole i came back home n finished packing...i spent an hour writing on my 3 pairz of converse..but i think i mite just throw away my navy blue 1s cuz it has a huge whole in it n i cant fix it :o(...n plus my mom has been dying 4 me 2 throw it out like monthz ago...heh....i hung out w/ shara, joe n davina 4 a bit...said im just here waiting till mom comes home...mhm...i have butterflies in my, im actually moving...this is weird..

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