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catwitch (darkfeather) wrote,
@ 2005-10-17 17:32:00
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    Current mood: optimistic
    Current music:REO Speedwagon, "Can't Fight This Feeling"

    Well, I spoke to Jon this AM. He missed calling me last night, due to way too many people, and only so many phones. So he called right before noon today instead. Gods. There's so much we have in common...
    I ran into a friend from the old days on the River Saturday, and if I want my old camp is still open... I mentioned it to Jon today and he was MUCH less than happy with the idea of me being back in a tent. Tell the truth though, I"m to the point right now that the tent sounds better than where I AM. Only real drawback is no mail delivery to a tent and no phone in a tent. That would be a problem.
    The weather is perfect for it though... Jon's main worry and it is a legitimate one, is the cold weather coming. It's going to be a right bastard of a winter this year, most likely very cold and stormy, and even I can see it... though Jon and I are both farmbred, and can read the signs. :)
    It's yet another thing that makes me so damn comfortable with him, he's not a damn city boy. Neither was Patrick, but not in the same way. Kevin and Scott... I don't care what Scott said, he was a city boy. Kevin, oh HELL yes. He's scared of the country. Jon... like me, he understands the moods of the country, the weather and the feel... he reads the messages as well as I do if not better. I'm not sure which of us is the better tracker, though, we haven't had a chance to find out. *chuckle* I'm looking forward to THAT chance.
    We were both raised by our grandfathers, and have very similar upbringings, which is scary. WE've a LOT of the same attitudes, and much the same values and ideals as well. This is a Good Thing. I look forward to the experience of melding what we have into a whole... this will be interesteing. Buckle up, girl, this will be one wild ride! *laughing*

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2005-10-17 19:07 (link) your weather prediction just for your local area? or a "in general" prediction for the east? I still think you got a little time yet to worry abt 'buckling up'...I say do the wild thing and drive w/out your seat belt for the next few weeks! chuckling

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weather skill
2005-10-17 19:12 (link)
Truly told, I haven't really tried to "predict" for the entire east coast... but for the local Ga area I"m generally pretty close to on target, and for my immediate area, more accurate than the weatherman.
I wish I was a true WeatherWitch, able to manipulate the weather within reason, but I"m not. :(

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