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Liquid Star (darkanddamaged) wrote,
@ 2003-08-07 21:31:00
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    Grr... I am so tired. This morning I had to get up before 8 to leave Ellie's so she could go to the stupid school orientation bullshit. So, I went home and slept until one or so and then she came over and we went to Joseph's. Then we did pretty much nothing all freakin' day. Eh, oh well. Well, good news, Chris, my mom said sometime next week we'd drive (ugh) up to Lubbock so she could see her friends and so I could see you. Sweet! Now I just have to figure out where to stay while I'm in town. I sure as hell don't want to stay in some shitty hotel with my mom--won't it be enough to have to drive with her for 7 hours? *sigh* I hope you appreciate this, Chris. See what I go through for you? Wow nobody is online. All you people suck! Ha, all, like, three people I ever talk to online. Man, stupid school starts on the 19th. I'm not even in high school anymore, but I still have to get up before 9 every morning to make it to campus on time. I should get a fucking job. I am tired of relying on my parents for money and shit, but....dammit, getting a job is so much WORK. Ha ha. With the economy up the pope's ass the way it is, job markets are shit anyway. What chance does a 17 year old with no real previous work experience have? (If you said slim to none, you're right! Congratulations! You win....a cookie! Well, not really...) And I will not, I repeat, NOT work in some shithole like HEB or whatever where I have to wear some goddamn slacks and a fucking polo. Hell, any uniform at all sucks balls. Poo on a stick. Well, I'm all out of rants for now. (I wonder how long THAT will last...)

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2003-08-08 01:59 (link)
Rad. I'll try to pull some strings and find you a place or something. If mom's not too crazy, and if I play it up right, I'll see if you can just stay here.

-The Notorious

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notorious for what?
2003-08-08 12:23 (link)
You can't just be notorious, ya know. There should be a freakin' reason, dammit! Come up with one! Entertain me!

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