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Liquid Star (darkanddamaged) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 23:36:00
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    I am finally making an entry that isn't just pictures and shit.
    Blah. Not much going on right now. I have to go poopies! Tra la la... listening to Letters to Cleo right now-that and Jack off Jill. I have new Hello Kitty undies! Joseph got them for me at Gadzooks with his giftcard thingie from about 3 years ago. Plus, I have a cute Snow White shirt and YES, it has dwarves on it. PIMP. Tee hee hee! I wish i knew how to upload a picture of me onto the net but, well, see... I have no digital camera and I am LAZY. I just feel like I almost have a modicum of self-esteem right now. Heh, how odd... Well, went to my stupid shrink again today and told him i stopped all my damn meds last week and I don't plan on taking any for a while. I have been on medication for so long now that I don't even know what myself is anymore. I probably won't like it much. Well, that could just be my "poor self-image" talking. Who knows. I'm at Ellie's and her air conditioning is STILL not fixed and I am super hot-style. Ha, I just remembered that there is this kiosk in Lakeline (yes, I HATE malls, but I went anyway to use up some stupid gift cards etc...) and it is called... get this: "Asian Trendy Zone." For some inexplicable reason that struck me as oddly hilarious. I cracked up and laughed my ass off in the middle of the food court. Those crazy Asians... It is so super-hot style in here! Dammit. seems I am out of soda...this is a conundrum, to say the least.... OK, no more worries. I got more! Yippee skippy! Of course, Ellie's mom came into the kitchen and I am not wearing any pants... that was strange and somewhat awkward....but I got another Dr. Pepper, so all is well.

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2003-08-07 22:10 (link)
i am here at home not doing anything since you had to go home cause my mommy dearest (ha) wouldnt let you stay over. dont worry, i will find us tasty adderall so we can have tons o fun tomorow night. asian trendy soon as you hit the booth, the lady says "all items come from japan" who really give a fuck about that anyway. well i must be off to go have a big orgy with my two gnomes and all my sexy stuft animals!

love and other indoor sports

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2003-08-08 12:20 (link)
your post thingy amused me greatly. sorry i didn't call you last night but i was super tired style. anyway. SPOOH!

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