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l33+ m4S+3r b0B (dark_leonhart) wrote,
@ 2003-09-29 03:35:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:"Don't Go Away Mad" by Motley Crue

    Restless ramblings and rants of reputable racy randomness.
    Alliteration is fun, especially when it doesn't even make sense ^^

    Anyway, I've already had a duel to the death with one of our Scott Studios computers (the things that makes the stations play stuff), and as you can see I emerged victorious. ph34r my m4d skillZ!

    I finally talked to Mariam for the first time in two weeks on Saturday, from which she vanished after about an hour or so and I didn't see her again through the weekend. I'm starting to wonder if she's inferring that I should take a hint...heh, just kidding. I've already taken the hint, and I'm still going to bug her, just because I'm her brother and I can! So there! :P

    *ehem...* I think someone's had a little too much Mountain Dew tonight...

    Well, anyway tonight I have TRCC band rehearsal, so I'll get to see all the poor souls that decide to hang around there. Hooray!

    And tomorrow's payday! Double-hooray!

    Thanks to Mariam's friend ushichan_haru (or something like that) for giving Bob his new favorite word: asshat.

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2003-09-29 18:11 (link)
Dare you to insinuate that I don't want to talk to you, oniichan!!! ;_; *hug* Meanie!
But you're my brother, so you're allowed to be a meanie. ^^

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2003-09-30 00:19 (link)
I said I was only kidding...I just had to see what kind of response I'd get^^

Blame the toxic Mountain Dew, which has become my sustinence through these tiring, tiring nights. I believe it's starting to addle my already addled brain. Yes...Mountain Dew makes me feel evil.

*chugs from can*

Ah, now to go find an orphanage to burn to the ground...

bah! Just kidding! (I prefer to torch old folks' homes, actually ^^)

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