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l33+ m4S+3r b0B (dark_leonhart) wrote,
@ 2003-09-23 01:13:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:"Sunshine of your Love" by Cream, the Gods of Rock!!!!!

    I heart explosives edition #2
    Another evil Monday/ of those running off 2 hrs of sleep and feeling like crap sort of days.

    Man...I never thought I would say this, but TRCC band is actually fun. Heh...with Tubs and Amanda in there, nothing is ever boring. Tubs and I just sit in the back and ridicule everyone, especially Satan...I mean Buddy White. I swear by The Book of Good Farming, I hate him. I am making it one of my life's goals to trip Buddy White down the stairs. And then hit him with a truck.

    Hmmm...well, right now I'm recording 8 hours of country music into the Clear 94 hard drive. Those of you that really know me know I hate country...and yes, I know I have friends (et al Lynn) that listen to contemporary country, but I personally just don't like it. Although I am a fan of Lonestar's new song "Walking in Memphis..." that's about it for my country tastes.

    Today Randy put me on air on Classics 95.5 again..this time around we were discussing those old classic rock bands that need to put the past beside them and start touring together again...of course I had to go into how I believe that Cream needs to join back together. Clapton's best band, in my book...Cream. The founders of the hard rock movement, according to many music historians.

    Oh is have work to do...and I'm not going to class today. I feel like $h!t...

    at least that's how I felt at 2 AM this morning. I'm all perky and happy now!

    BTW...did I ever give you guys my new Zimmer email? If not:

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2003-09-23 03:37 (link)
Did I ever tell you how much I love Mariam? :3

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2003-09-23 03:46 (link)
Only 26,782 times and counting :D

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2003-09-23 23:57 (link)
yeah, you told me too

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2003-09-24 01:07 (link)
yeah! see, even lynn knows!

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