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The Marshmallow Man (dark_city) wrote,
@ 2004-04-29 10:54:00
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    Current mood: thirsty

    This morning, I walked into school and gave Ashley a hug. She pulled out a shrink-wrapped muffin that she got for me, and placed it in my hand. It was blueberry. My favorite next to chocolate chip. I was quite pleased, so I traded it for a copy of "Love Actually" on DVD.

    Friendship is good.

    During lunch yesterday, Steve brought me into Mr. Opie's music lab. I've only been there once, when the school was still being built. It's pretty neat, a stuffed room with KORG keyboards and Apple computers. (Not cheap equipment... not at all.)

    Steve wrote a long instrumental musical score insipred by "The Fist," the movie that I wrote with Matt and directed. (Kind of.) Steve said "he's the mastermind behind the movie," and Mr. Opie let me in without asking any questions. I must say I'm pretty impressed. The finish was slam-bang, but it has a consistency throughout that makes the music sound superhero-ish. It reminds me of Hans Zimmer scoring "The Rock" and "Backdraft." Good stuff.

    I'm ashamed of myself. Although I'm on a diet, my mother ended up taking me to Baskin-Robbins yesterday. Free scoop night. Line going out the door. I waited in line feeling guilty, and ate it feeling worse. But it tasted so good. French vanilla. Oh man.

    No more. No more for now.

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2004-04-29 14:27 (link)
So was it any good? The muffin that is.

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2004-04-29 20:21 (link)
It was great. I ate it in a minute.

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2004-04-29 21:02 (link)
Can you please please please burn me a copy of Love Actually? :)

Love, Allison, Actually.

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2004-04-29 22:49 (link)
As a matter of fact, I can't anymore.

But I can let you borrow my copy.

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