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<3u&onlyu* (dark_alone_ness) wrote,
@ 2003-12-18 04:50:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:lol...enrique englasias (however u spell his damn name)

    ahh im tired. i just got back from matts house. his mom told him to go to bed at like 1:30am (when we got home). we just got back from seeing the lord of the rings- return of the king-, i liked it, but it couldve been better. after the movie he made food for us and then we didnt eat it because we werent hungry, then we fell asleep in his bed till about 4:30am. we thought we were all slick getting out of the house all quietly... then we heard his mom... MATT! lol. i thought i knew what i was getting matt for christmas but now he told me to not spend over like $120 ish. what i wanted to get him is at least a couple hundred... oh well... there is always next holiday. now in the mean time i have to get something for christmas. im tired... goin to bed now. matt if u ever read this leave me some ideas for christmas presents for ya <3. buh-byez!

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2003-12-20 13:22 (link)
all i want is u

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