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<3u&onlyu* (dark_alone_ness) wrote,
@ 2003-12-23 05:25:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:the song matt recorded :)

    cHrIsTmAs EvE eVe...
    today was kinda fun. :) im a lot happier than i was, but im still mad lol.last night matt and i talked for like totally ever and we just slept in my car lol. when we woke up we went to his house and slept the whole day in his bed. i love him so fucking much!!! he already knew that i loved him because i said something and he responded "i think that is love", i was like aww. when we finally woke up today at like 10 or so (i think lol) he played on the computer for a lil bit... this scary game. im glad he was there to protect me :D. XOXO i love you matt <33. then we came to my house and finallllly put up a christmas tree. it looks pretty cool, i couldnt have done it with out matt tho. lol matt, matt, matt, thats all this entry thing is about. im just so happy (_and mad lol). he left my house at like 3:30 am or something like that and i was hungry so when i drove him home i went in his house with him and he cooked me some leftovers (yuck!) but they werent that bad. Lo0O0OoL!!!!! tonight i was like so hyper, i could not stop laughing, tears were seriously comming out of my eyes i was laughing so hard. my mom was like take the end. i was like WhAt?? lol i had no freaking clue what she was talking about. i needed a plug thing to plug my clock into but the prongy thingys wouldnt fit in a normal thing. so i was like dying lol. matt mustve thought i was crazy, he eventually started laughing too. i was leaving his house and i like just left lol, i didnt even really say bye or even give him a hug. :( that kinda made me sad. i thought he was gonna walk me out to my car or soemthing, but he didnt. its okay tho. then i came home and i cannot sleep. i got so bored i started reading some deadjournals. lol. i started reading one of his x's (michele) journals... i like started from the beginning so matt and her were going out in it. i am like so jealous of her. i think he really liked (hopefully not loved, but ya never know) her. it sounded like she liked him a lot too... she said that she loved him :(.. he is my man lol. 6 1/2 hour days of just lying on her bed (just? lol) listening to music, snowboarding with matt and dave, a hickey on his cheek (and one he gave her...grr), him going with her to get her tattoo and her nipple pierced. :( reading all that made me sad, idk why i kept reading, i guess i just couldnt help myself. i hope he doesnt miss anyone, i want to make him the happiest man alive. i hope i have the strength to. i dont think i can measure up to some of the girls he went out with sometimes. i feel hopeless. *.::tear::.* im scared of losing him, now that i love him and im hooked on him... i dont want anything to take him away from me. i sound all corny, but thats how i feel. hopefully this will last and we'll be happy together forever :). i think i should try and get some sleep. tomorrow ( lol) matt is going shopping with my mom and her boyfriend bob. i have to babysit my bebe at 7AM, im gonna be dead lol. oh well. i cant wait to see matt tomorrow (TODAY), i want him to hold me forever. he has a way of making me feel really special to him, it feels extremly good. good night, sweet dreams. _*iloveumatt*_
    <3 alwaysss, me*

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lovin u
2003-12-23 16:21 (link)
hey babe.U got nothin to be worried about. that was along time ago and i only got feelings for u. i only have feelings for u for the rest of my life and i know that for a fact. i dont even need to worry about losing feelings for you because its just not a possibility. im sorry for every time ive hurt u and ill spent the rest of my life makin up for it. I know the day i make u the happiest girl on earth will be the day im the happiest guy on earth. then well be happy already happy as can be but everyday im with u i just get happier and happier so u dont ever have to worry about makin me happy. You dont ever have to worry about anything because watever u need u no u can come to me and if i can help i will. i might get jealous and kill a guy here or there but ya no thats just normal when ur goin out with the best girl on earth. but dont worry if ur a lawyer or a pherensic (or however u spell it) scientist then u can get me outta that kinda stuff lol. u dont need to worry about anything at all anymore babe ill do watever i can to make u happy. muah I LOVE YOU. love matt

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hey stef, its lisa !
2003-12-28 23:17 (link)
wow , you two are the cutest most perfect couple ever !
heh . i hope someday i will find someone and i can be like you two...
<3 ya

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