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Darwin Readmen, Fate Reilly, Zeporah "Zippy" Ace (darfatezip) wrote,
@ 2003-04-15 21:52:00
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    Current mood: thirsty
    Current music:Myuji - eX Dream

    Mad skillz.
    Spiffied up the journal some. Oh, yeah. Mad haxor skillz.

    Well, because of last night's debacle, the Headmistress wrote a letter home and I have detention. All in all, not that bad. The bad part is the detention will be spent cleaning in dishes I ruined down in the kitchens. Dammit, isn't that what Dibdabs are for?

    Also, what's with everyone? Holy Christ, you'd think I sprayed nitric acid instead of water on everyone. God, people. Are you made of sugar? Can't take a widdle spwash of wawa? Get over yourselves.

    After breakfast I'm gonna pay attention to the girl The Jump knocked unconsious. It's a miracle she didn't drown, she was laying face down in the water for quite some time. I guess Mary Sues are hard to kill.

    I've decided to rename my VDV from "Snicket" to "Mr. Snicket". I wish he would live up to his namesake, but he keeps frolicing off to play with those butterflies.

    Cards Caught: 2
    Guardian Beast Status: Surly.

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2003-04-15 22:03 (link)
I feel stupid asking this, but is it all right if I start RPing as the character I sent you last night? I'm just not sure if I need permission or not... I'm not used to this RPing form, see. I'm more of a PBeM person, myself. ^^;;;

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Re: OoC:
2003-04-15 23:22 (link)
Oh, and I'm not trying to nag or anything. Sorry if I came off that way. ^^;;;

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Re: OoC:
2003-04-16 21:09 (link)
Heck, you can start RPing as soon as you're ready! Doesn't bother me. And no, you didn't come off as nagging

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Re: OoC:
2003-04-16 22:05 (link)
All right, thanks. Like I said, I'm just not used to this form. ^_^ Heeheehee, what fun I'll have!

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