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Darwin Readmen, Fate Reilly, Zeporah "Zippy" Ace (darfatezip) wrote,
@ 2003-04-14 20:11:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Reel Big Fish - Kiss Me Deadly

    Good times ^^
    Interesting sorting last night. The way everyone kept whining, you'd think they'd welcome the distraction. But, no. They just whined even more. I wonder what happened to that girl... last I saw, she was taken to the Headmistress' office at the end of the sorting.

    Classes ought to start soon. I'm so jealous of the thrid years and above. I want to take ass kicking courses, but nooooo. I have to take boring classes like DALA. Actually, DALA will be very easy for me. I can alread weave illusions, so it can't be too much harder. Besides, I rock at denying reality and physics. I'm an anime character, after all.

    The common room is so noisy. I almost regret being a Flammasari. Heh, no I don't. That chick with the braids and the sulky fox thing is amusing. I think I'm the coolest here though. Wait - lemme check... yep. Definately the best.

    Hair status - shiney.

    - Zippy Ace

    (Who is cooler than you)

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2003-04-14 21:55 (link)
Doesn't it suck? I really wanted to take Martial Arts this year. >_<;;; Grargh. I need someone to spar with!

You don't have animal ears, so you aren't the coolest. :p

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2003-04-15 07:12 (link)
Sparing is fun. I need someone to beat around to show off my mad ass kicking skillzz.

(I can get kitty ears if I wanted to... they're just shy.)

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2003-04-15 16:03 (link)
Ooo. Wanna spar some time? I won't use the Data Drain bracelet, or any magic. And you can decide on what weapons to use, if you want to use any.

Shy? Yeah right. I bet they just appear when they please, you you have no control over it. Heh. :p

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2003-04-15 19:15 (link)
I don't use weapons. Yeah, I'll beat you up spar with you. It should be fun! ^^

(I do to have control! Nyah :P)

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2003-04-15 21:11 (link)
Yatta! Now to think of a time. Maybe we should sell tickets, so they can see me mop the floor with you maybe if Priss-sensei could see our skills, she would let us in the Martial Arts class. Worth a shot, ne?Who knows, maybe we could make a profit. ^_~

Well Nyaaah to you, too. :p Wolf girls ruuuuule. We eat little kitty girls for breakfast.

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