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SarBear (dare2monkeyface) wrote,
@ 2003-08-21 23:24:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:rufus wainwright: Hallelujah

    it goes like this, the fourth, the fifth
    well today was ok, went with laur and her fam to drop her bro off at college. woah, seeing everythin and seein and realizin that u r movin out of ur house forever and that ur home isnt really ur home nemore and that ur grown up and on ur own is really scary. i used to think i wanted to leave, now im fine with where i am. well it had to be one of the hottest days of the year, and steve was sweatin his ass off, lol his shirt was soaked thru, and then sweat was seeping thru to his pants. it was hilarious. and during moving all of matts shit into the dormroom i was carryin his big ass stereo out of the truck and down the "step ladder" that steve insisted on having and i lost my balanced and fell on my ass in a very embarassing/painful moment. i was tryin so hard not to cry cuz it hurt so bad so i tried laughin and then couldnt stop. then some guy stopped his car and got out and asked if i was ok cuz i was just lyin on the ground and laur was just crackin up right next to me. aaaahhh the pleasures of havin a stambaugh friend! jm laur. but neway i got some major battle wounds and a bad crook in the neck from it but it was all in good fun. so we stayed there for like ever and mr. mcmanus was like checkin laur and me out and it was kinda scary. but then left and i was sad, just thinkin that i will eventually have to do the same in 3 years. then we went to some south of the border restaurant where the waitor hit on us and steve told us his good old college days 30 years back at Princeton with all the illegal goings on. wow, so interesting. so then we come home and i get dropped off here and im sorry to say that my stepdad had taken off for like the next 4 days so taht means pretty much hell on earth til he goes back to work. so i read for a little and then wandered into the next room to find my sister watchin VH1 i luv the 70s and i was addicted and watched like 6 straight hours of it until 11:00 when i decided to come here and write this. well now i must get back to my book and finish it by tomorrow at the latest. now that shouldnt be too hard considerin i have like 250 pages left. im gonna die. school starts soon and that sux the most, not the prospect of school rather then the ending of summer. aaahhh well . . . .

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