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SarBear (dare2monkeyface) wrote,
@ 2004-01-19 15:17:00
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    Current mood: guilty
    Current music:sheryl crow

    took ur car, drove to texas
    this three day weekend has been a total waste. i feel even more shittier now due to an unshakeable headache and runny nose then i did when it started. iv pretty much just sat on my ass and watched a boatload of tele and ate the least healthy things in the world: choc chip cookies, reeces cups, cookie dough icecream, captain crunch cerial, coffee cakes, and of course the greatest confectionary delight ever; entamins crumb dounuts. my mouth is watering just thinkin about em. hah im gonna be a fat beast for summer. i dont give a shit tho; its pure heaven in a box. neway on friday laur ash em and pat found their way over to the kirwin estate and drank all the soda and watched the half hour cartoon version of sleepy hallow. classic if there ever was. then on saturday i slept in and did nothin cuv the parentals needed me to babysit but then didnt go newhere. then on sunday slept in and watched a boatload of tele again and that night em and laur came over and watched g.i. jane with viggo (not that hott). then today i slept in late and walked to dog and now i feel sick and am writing this.
    im bored to death and i feel guilty watchin tv caus i get nothin done, but then i wanna read but then i dont to cuz im afraid ill forget the last book i read that was absolutely spectacular. may i recommend dumas? neway so now im tryin to write the screenplay but so far im only through with page 10 of the book and its takin forever mostly because im doin it by hand and only in 8th period. well i need to get my shit together. later days bill

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