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SarBear (dare2monkeyface) wrote,
@ 2003-10-05 16:29:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:beatles, blackbird

    all ur life, u were only waitin for this moment to arrive
    so i havent updated in a long time, too bad. life has been ok. recaps: i joined scribe, got a job, failed spanish, and miss the phils. ok so i will really try to tell enlighten u with my life. haha. so where did i leave off? well ill start with the job. so im now workin tues 3:30-7 and thurs 5-8:30 at this little jewelry store in haddonfield right across from the library. wow excitin! but at least i have a job now. i started last thursday which sux cuz we had friday off and i wanted to do somethin that night but didnt get home til late so it doesnt matter. so all i did for my three hours was try to fix the lady's query in her access file and she is like dislexic when it comes to computers and i barely knew what i was doin but in the end figured it out. haha i was in one room and the lady that owns the store in another and her italian husband who fixes watches in the other and he was singin que cera cera on like the top of his lungs it was hilarious. ok, so where should i start? last friday i attended the frosh fest cuz i had to for student council and at first it sucked but then i start servin the drinks and it got better. i danced with some cute freshman and then got hit on by an extremely drunk hott guy who will remain nameless, then was pressured into dancin with mike bassett, which was funny. he tried to teach me how to fast dance (cuz i suck unbelievably) and then we slow danced and he was like beltin out the words. it was funny. then lisa (who i gave a ride to then ditched me for the soccer girls) comes to me when im mixin and starts tryin like to take my people and sayin "o yea, u dont want hers, mines much better" i was like get the hell away from me. but neway, the night was overall ok. then on sat i went to the VET with my sis and bro and mi madre and my sis and i sat in the second row from first base, box seats baby. over all delicious and the phils won so everything was kool except for the rain which sucked. then i came home and had like a half an hour to get ready for laurs party. we all went to Don Pabs and got some good authentic mexicano food. yummy. then the extremely sexy and pale balloon guy came over and made us all balloon things. then we went back to laurs for some cake and good times, and sara told me somethin extremely kool and i got so excited i was like freakin out. then we watched some CONAN and sexy andy dance in his boxers. o yea. hhmm, then on sunday i went back to the VET for the last phillies game there, horrible seats, 712 sections, but at least i was there. it was prettty kool but freazin cold and they lost to the Braves and the ending ceremony was like 2 hours long and ur hands were numb at the end for clappin that long, but hey, ill never be in the VET again. sad thought. then school and borin stuff like i had to write an article on the FRoshfest for the scribe and andy's brother sounds like a girl. and we had to do this obscenely long packet for history over the weekend and i forgot about it til sunday night and didnt have my book so i couldnt do it. then like i said before, thursday i worked and friday we were off for teachers in-service. on friday i went to ashs and laurs and sars tennis match and it was kinda boring and really cold. then i went to Ralphs with em and then to ashs after. were we hung around and did nothin screanin calls. then hawa said i was corny and sar and jen came over. then we decided to walk to bcorner where we saw some stupid potheads hangin outside for i guess they thought of as a rockin friday night but we thought it was pretty pitiful. then we went to my house and made pizza and watched like ten minitos of a movie. wow this is long and i jsut have a little bit more so bear with me. on saturday my dad took me and luar and ash to the Renn FAire and it was fun. we spent altogether like $150 bucks but got some cool stuff. then it got really cold and we left and went to some little diner in morgantown and had dinner and pie. then my dad took us all home and laur was sposed to sleep over cuz i had to babysit, but no, she had to be a little jerkmonkey and didnt wonna come. so i just watched soem HBO and some SNL and fell asleep on the couch and thats where i woke up this mornin at 12:30. and now im supposedly watchin my bro while my parents are at the eagles game but im on here talkin to u good people. now tomorrow is monday and we start the same ordeal all over again. since hte Phills suck and arent in the playoffs, everybody root for Boston. mainly cuz i believe in the curse and how cant ya luv boston? later days bill.

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