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SarBear (dare2monkeyface) wrote,
@ 2003-09-07 19:28:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:the beatles

    back in the ussr
    well well well, havent been on in awhile, was grounded due to a messy room. aaahhh the parentals suk, but hey, wouldnt be here without em. well, i would without james, but who cares. ssoo the end of my summer was spent pretty crappily, with a bunch of books and a gay comp doin summer reports, that i just found out that i didnt need to, which makes me ssssooo pissed me off. but thats that, i will just have to decapitate mr. murthas pretty little head tomorrow. so neway, couldnt hang with neone or do nething, cept i was allowed to go to the phills game with ash and to drop her bro off at college, which was not fun. heavy lifting up six flights of stairs is not exactly my idea of good times. but newho, his roommate is ghetto, and mark didnt understand it and kept on sayin stupid remarks that ash and i only laughed at because they made absolutely no sence and we were just laughin at him and not with him. i dont htink i got that. but the phils game was fun, played the boston red sox, lost in the 9th, those gay losers, but i still luv em. whenever nomar garcia-parra came up to bat a guy in back of us would scream "wicked hott nomar!" like the SNL skit with jimmy falon, but nobody else got it cept me and i was the only one crackin up. it was hilarious. so tues and wed i just did some unnecesary reporting, and thurs was the first day of school. i didnt have the pleated skirt, goddamnit, i looked three hours in the cherry hill mall for it, and walked away compramising. so thurs came and was a major dissapointment on some levels, i have almost every class with all the same poeple, which is good and bad, i mean i have laur and pat and sean and nik and madison, but it sux that i have no one new. i will explain more on classes later. but on friday in chem we watched a movie on safety and it was most likely the funniest safte movie ever made. a girl like stabbed herself with a borken shard of glass after breakin it, they used dummys to do the fire portion, and when a kid got chemicals spilled on him he had to strip down to his bare nothings and the kid that was helpin him was just starin at him takin a shower, it was hilarious. look at the kid taking a shower, then look at the kid behind him. hilarious, shoulda won an oscar. so on sat i had to go to a stupid barbeque party thing at my aunts, really skanky and sticky, and i was surrounded by the most uneducated people, who couldnt use the right grammar, and looked like they walked out of the sewer. ya no, the 80s bleech blond god-what-the-hell-is-that hair. real fun. i kept on gettin checked out by my cousins freaky friend as they played some little card game about wrestlers, kind of like pokemon for juniors in highschool, if there is such a thing. and today i went shoppin with another aunt and cuz and my sis, got a few items, and bought some godiva choc. went to my grandmothers for pizza, then came home and went to a PEAk meeting. i have my first fallball game tomorrow. fun. well i gotta go fix my 7 page report that i didnt have to do. fun

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