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SarBear (dare2monkeyface) wrote,
@ 2003-08-29 23:21:00
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    Current music:my sherona, knack

    and remember when i moved in u?
    well, to get back to yesterday: i was really bored and hadnt done nethin in awhile so i really wanted to do somethin but barely nebody was home. so i called all around and finally richie called me back sayin taht like zak and cj and people were goin over his house. so i go over laurs and wait like an hour for her to get ready. so we get there and there are a whole bunch of people there: zak, bill wildman, kait benzel, sarah honey, alex dimena, cj, andrew peruzi, ian hurnes, and richie (spellings). so laurand i agreed that it might be awkward, so we said we had to go somewhere and just left. then we decided to walk to ash's, and we were arguin the whole way that i wanted to stay and that i should go back, but i wouldnt ditch ne of my friends netime and i certainly wouldnt make em stay newhere. so we go to ash's right when her and sar pull up from a tennis party at mary fammas. so we hang htere for a bit then decide we could go for some ice cream and walked to reysons (^) and then back to ash's for some wholesome mtv music awards and got pissed off at the shitty winners. then i go home and tell my mom i was at richies the whole time. im not sposed to be "wanderin the streets of barrington at night" ok. so today: read a bit, played some shitty bead thing with the bro, watched three straight hours of cop shows, and finally did somethin. well i wanted to go see a movie but then realized i had like no money. so then sara and ash came over and then we walked to the overpass to meet laur, and then to reysons again to meet jenna. i got a cookie (of a lovely texture, adorned on a lovely glass plate) and flirted witht the slightly older man, and then complimented the cook. so then we walk over to rite aid and just look around a bit makin fun of everything. and then guess who pops in? y gino pizzaro. haha i cant spell. too bad, but by the way, he is sara's true love. so we leave and start walkin to jennas and ash dares me to pick a lillypad lookin thing off someones lawn and put it in my hair. so i go over and try to pick it, but the stupid thing was thick as hell and oozin cytoplasm, and then they all start like walkin really fast laughin so i ditch the thing and they tell me to hurry the hell up cuz some guy is lookin at me thru the window. so we walk to amanda's and pick her up, and then to lauren clanceys to check on everybody's parentals who r gettin drunk, and then to jennas for some who's line and grease. then home again and this is an extremely long entry, i no. ok, quote of the day:

    " He's the kind of guy that lights up a room just by flicking on a switch." -unknown

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lucky me
2003-08-30 22:01 (link)
i saw him ride by my house on his bike, with his sexy man legs mmm

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